Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition


New Lara: reissue last year’s hit from SquareEnix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – with updated graphics and the main character. 

In the genre of big-budget adventure games, until recently, there was a definite lull: Uncharted Trilogy many years it was out of competition. Last year’s release of new adventures of Lara Croft changed the situation for the better. Unlike Loschenov project studio Naughty Dog, the new Tomb Raider was as banal sounds more like a real game of archaeologist. In addition to the plot (it just in Tomb Raider very weak) and sexual Lara, here you can do for any archaeologist familiar things – explore the countryside, to scour the tombs and explore each island Yamatay frightening path in which the unfolding events of the game.

For an exciting treasure hunt new Tomb Raider goodbye many errors – spanned story with silly dialogue and the setting (in the game’s plot, recall, Rhianna Pratchett is responsible – the daughter of the famous science fiction writer Terry Pratchett), schematic system throughput and the almost complete absence of the much-vaunted survival atmosphere in which Player promised plunge. Most deficiencies can be remedied in the sequel, but Definitive Edition, will be on sale this week on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, all these problems still unresolved. Before us is not recycled game, but only slightly updated edition with prettier graphics and animation.

For Definitive Edition was created from scratch a new model of the protagonist, and the picture was ennobled newfangled light effects, due to which pass by spectacular lightning flashes of piercing or amber sunsets almost impossible. The structure of the publication also includes all DLC for the multiplayer mode – but the list is so small that it is unlikely to give rise to the purchase is the new edition of the game. For lovers of modern technology, the developers added to Definitive Edition voice commands – for example, using the command «show map» you can open the map of the island, and so on – but it can hardly be considered a truly significant changes. Also between the two versions there is little difference in the picture – they both work in 1080p, but on Xbox One game is only 30 frames per second (as opposed to 60 on PS4). However, in the eyes can see the difference a few.

In Definitive Edition developers have completely redesigned the appearance of Lara – now heroine looks more natural

If we evaluate the Definitive Edition, as a full reprint of the game, it is hardly a perfect score – key changes compared to last year’s version is not much and the new edition can hardly recommend to buy people who already passed the original game. On the other hand, an updated Tomb Raider easily be mistaken for a novelty for the new generation of consoles, which it is, in fact, are. Like it or not, but so far no PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can not boast of a rich library of games. In this sense, the Definitive Edition comes in handy – we have time to get acquainted with one of the top adventure games of the past year now, until it was the season of major releases.


  • Updated graphics, including a new model for the heroine
  • Game plus all the extras in one box
  • Big Island, which is very interesting to explore
  • Spectacular combat system


  • Simple story
  • Schematic system throughput
  • Boring multiplayer