Top 10 fitness apps to stay healthy

Top 10 fitness apps to stay healthy

Top 10 fitness apps to stay healthy

Eating a balanced diet and do exercise regularly are the keys to healthy life. But sometimes the stress of everyday life forces us to take time out to physical activity and stopped going to the gym or running out as we had planned.

If you have decided to get in shape you are in the right place. We bring to 10 applications that will help you achieve a healthier body. Choose the one that you like and train Begin!

1. Start training

This is ideal for training without leaving home application. We can perform various types of circuits. The HICT training is high intensity and includes jumps, squats, pushups, situps and steps-up. The application indicates the number of times we have to repeat each exercise and the time it took to relizarlo.

The Tabata mode consists of a 4-day training in which every day we have to make an exercise routine. The Tabata cardio includes more activities.

If you are a personal trainer, ‘Start training’ lets you share your exercise benches with all users of the application.

This is an application without much hassle. Dibuos tables and exercises that accompany them. Perhaps I miss some video that gives more dynamic, however the description of the exercises is not complicated at all.

2. Home exercises

As its name suggests, this is another application for exercise at home (if you no longer have an excuse). I really like this app, open it first because nothing speaks of the importance of warming up and gives us a list of exercises to warm up before you get to the core business. Touching the images, they move to indicate how we have to do the exercise.

After warming we can address routines where we also have a wide range of exercises. We can make circuits or focus on a specific muscle group (chest, stomach …).

Like the previous exercises Caseros is an application with few complications, offers a lot of exercises to do but can not keep track of our progress.

3. Sworkit lite

This application reads “no equipment, no excuses” or is that just need a little willpower … Sworkit exercises divided into large blocks cutro: strength, aerobics, stretching and yoga. Within each of these categories you can choose which part of the body we want to exercise. Once the XERCISE that we want to perform selected, choose the minutes you want to use for this exercise and we can start. Each exercise comes with an explanatory video.

Sworkit also currently enables us to customize our routines, ie can, plan our own exercises based on what we want to train. There is also an option for beginners to those who are still not very fit.

Although this application is complete (and is only Lite version) maybe it could be supplemented by some nutrition tips to become a “must” fitness applications.

4. Flat Belly

The name gives a clue of what we can accomplish with this application. This application promises to burn abdominal fat and we have to say that if we follow his exercises exactly what we did. And Level 1, the basic for beginners leaves you crippled. Each workout is well specified, the time is to last each year and the time of rest between each. It also has explanatory videos for a closer look. Flat belly also has an eating plan, yes, if we want to develop a diet we pay for its advanced program.

Flat belly has a category ‘Challenge’, a more precise workout. To unlock this mode we have to swallow a promotional video (not a big deal).

As I said, if you follow this training to the letter, in a couple of months you can grate cheese with your abs.

5. Training 7 minutes

This application is a fitness training program 7 minutes based on a circuit of high intensity training. During these seven minutes must be carried out 13 exercises, each of these exercises is to last 30 seconds and must have 10 seconds of rest in between. We have several sections: ‘Original’, ‘Ab’ and ‘Butt’ (the last two are watching a video or making the original training for five days).

The application itself does not have videos, but we redirected Youtube tutorials about if we have any questions on how to do the exercise.

This application is ideal if you have little time to exercise because the method promises to get us in shape in seven minutes. As in other cases I’ve missed a diet plan or nutritional information.

6. Adidas: Running & Training

Adidas application to get fit. It is the most elaborate in terms of interface and clearly the most time invested in it because it is intuitive and not used as basic drawings may have others. You need to create an account to access the application. Your workouts will be recorded in it and you can consult them as many times as you want, and in turn can connect some devices to control your training, because it has a portion through which you will continue your workout live at Endomondo or Runstatic style.

Depending on your needs, the application will design a specific training plan. We can offer running or fitness training, and also if you want to get fit, gain muscle or whatever your goal. Training plans are realistic and can be synchronized with the timing of your phone, so that you do not skip any workout. An interesting application.

7. VirtuaGym Fitness

For this application you have several options, you can create an account, log in via Facebook or unable in any way. If you register you will be keeping your workouts. I personally connect with no account, and you can bring your routines without problems in the head.

In terms of interface, the sea is simple and intuitive, easy is to move through menus and choose the routine that touches you that day. When choosing one, the list of exercises you have to perform and appears to accept a stopwatch appear to begin exercises next to a man showing how they are made. It is important to watch carefully to avoid injury.

An application maybe a little basic, but to start is not bad. Probably, when you hit a certain level, you must switch applications to get you “more cane”.

8. Total Fitness

The simplest of all no doubt. You can choose between the exercise guide, routines, nutrition tips and challenges. As you enter the exercise guide, you can select the muscle group you want to work and all the exercises available, where one to one will see the information, how the execution of the movement and a video is are shown to be more visual learning. The combination of drawing, video and text is perfect, and are fairly well explained the exercises in general.

I really like Total Fitness, it would be that I would use, and also has a lot of fitness routines, which will be complicated bored. The fully recommend it, because it works very smoothly and almost does not consume resources.

9. Training daily free

This application shows a very basic interface and bit careful when we talk about aesthetics, seems made 10 years ago and has never been renewed. Once inside the app you can choose muscle group that we want to work and duration of the training. When the application shows the training, we will see a video of each exercise and learn to do them and saved injuries.

Its super smooth and consumes almost no resources, spending from year to year in the routine mode is very fast and not notice any lag or delay over the application menus. Ask less publicity, but free program is inevitable.

10. Gym Trainer

Gym Trainer is the most exercises per muscle group is going to Give, thus, it is more advanced in strengthening or toning should use. Having so much choice is perfect, because if any exercise causes pain to do it, you have many more options to find the one that is right for you, because exercise that someone is perfect, can cause pain in another person.

Explanations of each exercise are extensive and very well explained, and if we have any doubts, click the video icon and redirected us to YouTube to see a video explaining the exercise, so that any issue is resolved.

Works quickly, uses little battery and their explanations are magnificent. An application 10.

These are the applications we tested fitness for the item and I made a rag!

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