TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

High-quality, clear, rich sound – most importantly for music lovers and long conversations. But women’s headphones have another major caveat – they must be beautiful, original, elegant and stylish. To understand the numerous samples and buy women headphones, will review the best models in 2017.

Women headphones Samsung SW-HS1303

Budget, wired headset pleases its ergonomic design and modern appearance. The lineup presented different color options for every taste (green, white, black, pink, blue).

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

The excellent quality of deep, rich and lively sound devices portable design provides vacuum sealed high-sensitivity speakers with durable, reliable fixture in the ear. Built-in dynamic microphone with convenient remote control buttons allows not only comfortable to make telephone calls and receive incoming calls but also to use the music player (adjust the volume of the music is playing, to control playback).

Components – Spare removable silicone tips, ear pads. At $ 11, the “ear-plugs” – a worthy purchase. Manufacturer – Samsung, South Korea.

Women headphones Philips Chrome SHE3855S

The stylish, matte, in-ear headphones from Philips Chrome SHE3855S microphone with a fashionable, sophisticated design guarantee the owners of the fair sex a loud, lively and full stereo sound.

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

Wired headphones, earplugs are intracanal enclosed design with a solid round cable, thereby ensuring quality and ease of connection.

With the built-in microphone, you will always be in touch (easy switch between phone calls and listening to your favorite music).

The package includes 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads – rubber nozzles (3 special sizes – small, medium and large), you will choose the best option for you.

The ergonomic, oval shape female headphone perfectly and comfortably fits the ear, completely block outside sounds and noise, and makes it possible to reproduce a clean, bright sound and powerful bass. Reasonable price of $ 24 makes this device a popular and accessible to all customers. Manufacturer – Philips, The Netherlands.

Women headphones Panasonic RP-HBE125M

New from the manufacturer Panasonic – the compact headset that provides a clear, strong sound, and comfortable operation.

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

The ergonomic, stylish design Ergofit, bright colors casing, cable and ear pads (available in two colors – pink and black) will appeal to a female.

Closed, intracanal dynamics OctaRib, working under EXTRA BASS technologies provide great sound for deep bass. Built-in microphone allows you to use plug-plugs as the headset and listen to your favorite songs from your smartphone.

Special Feature – in the headphones include neodymium magnets. In additional ear pads included. At a cost of $ 29 – it’s a buy. Manufacturer – Panasonic, Japan.

Women headphones Apple EarPods MMTN2ZM / A

Apple EarPods MMTN2ZM / An Intracanal liners combine the best features. Excellent deep and rich sound quality will surprise your hearing and refined discreet design will complement any outfit.

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

The round shape of the female headphones due to the physiological structure of the ear. This dynamic inserts EarPods Apple’s tightly adjacent to the ear and more convenient than conventional plugs.

The headphones have a Lightning connector and are compatible with iOS 10 or higher, as well as the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Built-in microphone with remote control makes it easy to switch between the audio and video track, adjust the desired volume, accept and reject calls.

Liners are flexible, reliable and feature white cable sustainable protection against water and sweat. Improved resistance gadget considerably prolongs service life. With the included bag cover for storage and careful transportation. The price is $ 47. Manufacturer – Apple, USA.

Women Headphones Xiaomi 1More Crystal Pink / Black

Glamorous, image female headphones from Xiaomi and 1More Chinese manufacturers. Beautiful, fashionable design (model presented in two color variations – pink and black), the impressive scope of supply, the use of premium materials: metal case, diagram of beryllium alloy coated cord fabric brilliant and pure Swarovski crystals adorn the gadget.

Built-in microphone with three-button convenient remote control on the cable allows you to quickly switch tracks, adjust the volume and answer / reject a call.

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

Buy female headphones Xiaomi 1More Crystal – is to expand the crystal clear sound range, improve the quality and fineness of perception of music. The new model of co-channel device combines innovative technology, excellent sound and reasonable price ($ 50).

Packaging: the box of black cardboard, rubber holder, which are attached headphones, instruction manual, several inserts, a pouch bag made of suede carrying additional silicone nozzle-ear cushions, as well as a nice bonus gift metal USB flash drive red.

This futuristic and sophisticated wired headset is a perfect gift decoration for women. Manufacturer – Xiaomi, China.

Women headphones Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 In-Ear (M2 IEG)

Vacuum sealed headphones female designers from the German manufacturer of audio Sennheiser. Stylish, attractive appearance, practical, beautiful eye-catching accessory will delight shoppers.

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

Music connoisseurs will appreciate the high-quality, clean, bright sound with the presence of distinct, powerful bass. Built-in microphone with a useful control will allow your favorite music and make telephone calls. Schnauzer Headphones support iPhone and all devices with Android system.

Included is a removable nozzle 4-ear pads and comfortable, beautiful bag Case for storage and transportation of the gadget. By cons include a bit overpriced gags-liners; Nozzle-ear cushions are easily removed from the headphones and you can lose.

Female inserts cost Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 In-Ear (M2 IEG) today is $ 92. Manufacturer – Sennheiser, Germany.

Women headphones Sony MDR-EX750AP

Stylish line of portable gadgets supplemented model medium to top-end Sony MDR-EX750AP worth $ 95.

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

Plug plugs closed dynamic Japanese manufacturer bright, thoughtful trendy exterior design (choice of numerous shades – lime-yellow, red-brick, turquoise, azure, black, crimson and purple) will not leave anyone indifferent.

Built-in microphone and high-sensitivity speakers will help you to feel the effect of presence “elastic bass”, the low-frequency sound is juicy and brightly accented.

Included is a removable pair of nozzles 4-ear pads and a small magnetic cover bag for storage and transportation “ears.”

Reviews of buying female headphone Sony MDR-EX750AP quite a variety. The disadvantages are a dull sound of the mix, the presence of echo and the presence of the cabinet effect. Manufacturer – Sony, Japan.

Women headphones Bose FreeStyle

When you need to turn on your favorite music and switch off from the outside world during sports or jogging, you need to buy women’s headphones Bose FreeStyle.

TOP 8 Best Women headphones 2017: Stylish, Sports and Inspire headphones

Intracanal dynamic plugs are available in different color variations (blue and white, green, indigo) and youth design. Simply select and highlight your style. Symmetrical durable striped cable, straight plug, different colors for the left and right earphone makes them easier to use.

Built-in wire comfortable headset with three-panel buttons allow you to quickly and easily coordinate calls and absorb high-quality music (compatible gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac). Branded TriPort technology innovation provides an opportunity to revitalize your favorite tunes, make natural sounding drums and guitar, and a fully display the bass sound depth.

Included are three pairs of interchangeable ear pads, silicone tips StayHear different sizes for a comfortable fit in the ear, clip-clip for attaching to clothing, but also a handy carrying case, leatherette cover for transportation and storage. At a cost of $ 144 headphones Bose FreeStyle women are worth every penny and a great choice to all lovers of sports, to disconnect from the outside world. Manufacturer – Bose, USA.