Towers of the Phoenix in China – a symbol of unity of...

Towers of the Phoenix in China – a symbol of unity of masculine and feminine

Towers of the Phoenix in China

In Wuhan (China), the original plan to build a pair of skyscrapers. The towers were designed by designers from Britain. If Towers of the Phoenix in China built, they will get the title of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

Major work on the development of “Towers of the Phoenix,” the company had Chetwood Architects, which helped the architects of the city of Wuhan in the project because of what is easy to trace the features characteristic of both western and eastern architecture. Tower got its name for a reason, because they will fully support themselves through the use of renewable energy sources. According to the draft tower will have drainage systems, wind turbines, heat pipes and solar panels.

Сonstruction Towers of the Phoenix in China

Towers of the Phoenix in China will symbolize the feminine and the masculine, which depend on each other and only together achieve a perfect balance. Taking as a basis of this theory, the architects decided to make the tower Feng, symbolizing masculine, fueled tower Huang, is a symbol of the feminine principle.

Each tower will have its own features and functionalities. Together they form over the lake bridge. In the women’s tower designers decided to make a cultural center. On the territory of this structure will be a walk in the parks and squares. Actor tower decided to allocate to the device commercial area filled with retail space and offices.

Currently the tallest building Burj Khalifa skyscraper is considered with height 828 meters. In 2020, construction of the tower should be finished Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The height of its plan is one kilometer. “Towers of the Phoenix” will have to break all records, as their design was the height of over 1000 meters.

Developers have not sounded the data value of the project Towers of the Phoenix in China, but it will likely be at least $ 1.23 billion (worth so much construction kilometer skyscraper in Saudi Arabia). Costly construction should pay off in the shortest possible time, as the tower will be the center of ecological and economic development of the city of Wuhan.