Toyota plans to launch rival Nissan Juke

Toyota plans to launch rival Nissan Juke


Manual Toyota can not ignore the growing popularity of compact crossovers. According to rumors, the bosses of the Japanese group are actively discussing the possibility of replenishment lineup brand new model that in the hierarchy of cars of this brand would have taken place on the step below the Toyota RAV4.

Oddly enough, the possibility of the emergence of a new model of staff informed the Australian office of the concern. A “planner” Mark Dobson said portal Car Advice , that “the compact crossover segment – is an attractive field for all players. A Toyota is interested in any sector of the market, which is showing steady growth.”

According to The Australian, the company is in full swing study market trends and the needs of potential buyers, and the data used in the preliminary development of the project. “This is the car they want to buy, because these cars are made to meet the basic trends,” – said Dobson.

Currently, Toyota does not have a global model that could compete with the Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka or Ford EcoSport. Although in some markets the Japanese company offers a small crossover called Rush, built together with its subsidiary Daihatsu. Last just specializes in compact cars. Therefore, it is possible that future novelty will be one of the models of Daihatsu, adapted for the global market.