How to train a confirmed bachelor

How to train a confirmed bachelor


His bachelor lifestyle – it’s his religion. He was surprised to look at men, voluntarily tying the knot with his girlfriend. The most important thing in his life – freedom, and he was confident that the ring on the ring finger and the stamp in the passport immediately bind his hands and feet. He – confirmed bachelor. And nothing, let it be those who want … only one problem – you love him and passionately want to marry him.

Those who watched the movie “Promise – not to marry” will remember the story of a couple whose relations have already crossed the seven-year mark, but the wedding speech and was not conducted. Roles performed lovers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Aniston. It is because of Ben’s conviction that marriage is only spoil everything, Aniston heroine begins to doubt the feasibility of this connection, and in the sincerity of his feelings . She decides to put an end to history, which, in its opinion, has long been at an impasse. That makes this act confirmed bachelor rethink its attitude toward marriage, and he does so for the long-awaited his girlfriend’s marriage proposal.

Inveterate bachelor’s not so easy to tame, and each of them needs a special approach.

I must say that this method is, of course, is able to convince the man in any unwilling to tie the knot, but not in every case it applies. Inveterate bachelor’s not so easy to tame, and each of them needs a special approach. We decided to examine the most common reasons for freedom men refuse to marry their girlfriends and find out how you can turn this refusal to consent.


Surely you do not even live together, it is quite happy to meet your or neutral territory, trips to restaurants and movies, as well as joint trips to resorts, but cohabitation and can be no question. What can we say about the word “marriage”? The mere mention of his marriage starts to shake. Everything that happens, he explains as follows: “I’m so used to living alone, now can not even imagine that someone would flickers before his eyes and set in the bathroom, her feminine sklyanochki jars.”

What to do If your bachelor is still quite young, just give it time. Sooner or later, his friends begin to create a family, and at their cozy apartment, he will see that there is nothing wrong with that man lived near the beloved woman. Also, do not try to restrict his freedom , so to speak, “to mark territory,” leaving his apartment one personal item after another. Heroine Sarah Jessica Parker – all famous Carrie Bradshaw – it did not help one bit. “Accidentally forgotten” in his apartment dryer, creams and lotions her beloved Mr. Big carefully folded in a bag and brought back to the writer.


If your bachelor was married and his unenviable fate befell as a heavy and painful divorce, then soon he clearly did not meet again tying the knot with a potential razbivatelnitsey hearts. To marry a man like myself – not an easy task, but you remember that nothing is impossible.

What to do? Patience. If the gap was really complicated, then your task, first and foremost, is to not put pressure on her lover and give it time to re-tune to a serious relationship with far-reaching plans. Become a true friend to him, the man in which he will need. But do not go too far: it is one thing – taking care of her man, but quite another – to become obsessive “pristavaloy” and fill a whole life. In the end (if you do it right), he realizes that you – that the woman, whom he wants to marry, despite the bad past experiences.


Usually this phrase can be heard from the lips of men who are just afraid to take responsibility for their family created. They understand that being a bachelor, they can live as they want: to meet friends, eyeing the girls passing by, returning to his home in the morning and not be afraid that someone will start berating them for the night spent in bed not with his wife, and somewhere in the club. Of course, not all bachelors live this way: sometimes a man does not need a stamp in your passport to behave as an exemplary family man, if he has a woman. But now we are talking about those members of the stronger sex, the panic fear that to be responsible for someone other than themselves.

What to do? Perhaps this case the most difficult. Sometimes these men do not change even with the years. However, we hasten to reassure such cases are relatively rare, because sooner or later any man want warmth, comfort and a delicious dinner after work. If your partner claims that is not yet ready for marriage, and you, in turn, are willing to wait that happy moment when he finally is ready, try to make your relationship as simple as possible: do not drive conversations about the registry office and the children do not put restrictions on what you can and endure (eg, on his trips to the bar with friends). Perhaps one day he will realize that he wants every day to wake up next to you and wear a ring on the ring finger. The main thing – do not spend in anticipation of a lifetime.

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