Transcendence – our review

Transcendence – our review


Disappoint the genesis at the time of cyberspace – ecological means – staged by the duo Pfister-Depp.

Wally Pfister and not ‘not the first, but it was a bit’ that we watched again the effects of their desire to direct a feature film by a director of photography. Stated, we mean that ‘our hands had to pretty much everything Christopher Nolan (Memento to Inception and the various Batman). But the onset and ‘also the script, in this case, and somehow it feels …

The play on words will be ‘corny (sorry for the lack of originality’), but really it is a debut not at all transcendental unfortunately. As we said, especially at the level of writing. Directed and scenes, unlike other beginnings of the genre, do not report any particularity ‘, they’ would think of the film mentioned above, if we did not know the link, but really the effort of suspension of disbelief ‘required by Transcendence and ‘truly remarkable …

Dusk and the pedagogical intentions, the film never took off. Or rather, does not dig. It does not create tension, it ’empathy, it’ restlessness, being a techno-ecological pamphlet very forced and too many licenses. A complaint foreseeable risk of drift technological (and social) that shows more ‘strength in its ecological messages and, in fact, a modern christology which – while less publicized and made ​​clear aesthetic choice – makes a movie almost more’ biblical the explicit Noah.

The actors do not help, Bettany apart. Sara ‘who see Morgan Freeman Lucy in the trailer, and then in the film itself, in the similar role of the wise old man struggling with humans artificially modified and enhanced ends up confusing to. The same one in which we did not expect to find Johnny Depp , which aguriamo this time that the dubbing is able to shave off some excess characterization and a certain listlessness (apparent, that is) in managing his visionary and divine Will Caster.

These are his moves that follow, but also that the film follows. Not always in a consistent manner, unfortunately, given the haste in overcoming certain narrative impasse with the tears too abrupt to be credbili, or motivated by equally unrealistic motivations glued to the screen. By the will ‘in fact to create a sort of god’ technology (Annunciation?) First appears (miracles?), Able to create (in the true sense of the word) an army of disciples, the ‘revelation’ is a prelude to an ultimate fact ‘ creation ‘and the decision to’ become a man ‘…

What, if anything, more ‘sets it apart from a trend already’ developed very well by the army of the 12 monkeys and other (but not related to spy and action) and ‘an interesting subtext about issues related to privacy. A very salient issue in the United States, especially after the ‘War on Terror’ (somehow also mentioned here) has made ​​much of the population willing to trade their private security with a suppository.

Transcendence and ‘distributed in Italy by 01 Distribution, starting from 17 April 2014.