Travel in the footsteps of “Into the Wild”

Travel in the footsteps of “Into the Wild”


Inspiration for the film itself, “Into the Wild” is not just included in the list of favorite films desperate travelers. It raised the theme of relationships, money, harmony, eternal questions of life and the cycle of events. He teaches satisfied with little, to be alone with yourself, to survive and be happy without a reason.

The picture is removed based on real events. Very long film director sought permission for filming stories from parents Supertrempa Alex (Christopher McCandless in life) – the guy who actually was a difficult path shown “Into the Wild.” As a result of the big screen film left in 2007. Since then, she admired all ages and people from completely different social classes. After all, each person has something to Alex.

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. It was after the completion of his degree, Alex has decided to donate all his money to charity, eliminate credit cards and go on their journey.

Alex then went to South Dakota. Still inexperienced, but full of self-belief. He had no money, no friends, but he found a way out and met people who taught him the most simple – the art of living.

In California, Alex spent a lot of time. The film was shot in huge cities like Los Angeles, and the small islands of Santa Catalina and other places.

There is also a blooming desert Anza Borrego. Place which is worth to see in life, not only for the sake of the film.

Alex was on his way to Alaska. Along the way he visited Lake Tahoe and Reno, in Nevada.

In Alaska, you can visit the Copper River, Feyrbenkse, Healy, but the key places in the life of the protagonist became Anchorage and Denali National Park.

It was in the park, Alex found his final resting place. Bus, which died desperate traveler, became a local landmark, and tourists from around the world come here to give him greetings and kind of gratitude for the fact that its history has pushed them to the same desperate journey.