Travel itinerary for lovers of horror films

Travel itinerary for lovers of horror films


Nobody gets hurt, but it’s better to grab the spare underwear

Fans of the horror genre movies ever certainly wanted at least not for a long time to become a hero terrible stories. C recently been such an opportunity – the company «Ten Thirty One Productions» invites all lovers of thrills to go to 12-hour adventure that lets you feel like a participant in “horror”.

“Interactive night nightmares,” as the company’s official website, starting at eight o’clock and continues until eight in the morning, and the tourists themselves choose a place to sleep and determine how “horrible” is their story – the most impressionable you should get a “soft” version developments, which is called “chick”, others are invited to test their nerves level “higher fright”, and the most seasoned and well-versed in the horrors can take a risk and choose the level of extreme horror – the so-called “interactive terror deep dive” – ​​each level includes many activities of different orientation and intensity, but each of them is able to make a person feel a sense of fear.

Of course, most of the tourists after arrival at the camp and everything trying to go to sleep, but subsequent events depend solely on their behavior and the selected level of horror. Employees of the company will ensure that the adventure is perfectly safe for life and health of the participants, but warned that high-quality horror fans should not overestimate their strength and lightly choose such an event such as “Hell Hunt” if the intention is to just sit around the campfire with friends and slightly tickle nerves.

First “nights of nightmares” were the 7th and 8th of June in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and other cities in the United States, a ticket to the event costs $ 149 and besides themselves horror this amount includes a buffet dinner and breakfast, in addition, the organizers recommend participants in any case to get a spare underwear.