Travel to Morocco

Travel to Morocco


Time to think, what will you do in May and June. If your plan – to break into a new warm country, the Moroccan approach can be very useful from the end of spring in this country starts bathing season and rains canceled. Hope Zubreva Morocco explored.

When you get acquainted with Morocco, then unwittingly reproduce head of the cartoon Aladdin. That song on the splash screen of the blade, palaces and sand in childhood hinted at ease bizarre connection of wealth and poverty, myth and history, violence and honor. And although the song is dedicated to Baghdad, it seemed to me that it can deliver endless soundtrack to all traveling in Morocco. So, remembering these lines, and we fly. Can be a magic carpet ride, and can be more mundane way.

In Moroccan airline Royal Air Maroc with the longest history of wandering and flights (other than the continent, the company developed the popular destinations such as America, Canada, Brazil and Cape Verde) just is a win-win in this case: flights to Casablanca organized four times a week, and to the traditional menu of dishes (meat and fish) added Moroccan wine and beer. The entire flight from Sheremetyevo Airport (Terminal E) to the airport Mohammed V (Casablanca) take six hours. If you want to make travel more comfortable, in business class just enough seats for those who want a break before arriving in a fairy tale.

Arabian Night

And let no one deceive you with a lulling childhood warmth word “Africa”. That’s right: Morocco is situated in the north of the continent’s hot, but proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes itself felt.

In May and June, daytime temperatures will confidently stand by 20 degrees, but it does not mean that after sunset, this figure will continue. Rest assured: the nights cold and windy here. The hotel will save heaters and blankets, and for walks at dusk grab a warm jacket and jeans.

Major hotels in Morocco – are small works of art. They really resemble palaces with huge rooms, many rooms and flowering gardens. Perhaps, I do belong to that class of people who believe that the hotel – it is a temporary shelter traveler, so do not get hung up on the amenities and the number of tennis courts on site. However, Morocco is interesting not only serves national dishes (couscous, seafood, pancakes begrir), but also a little bit oriental hospitality and live in style Noble nor denying themselves nothing.

My choice fell on the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort (it is an hour’s drive from Casablanca). Huge area has golf, stables, a swimming pool, spa, casino, eight restaurants and even a nightclub. Perhaps there is everything to feel like Jasmine in the royal chambers.

What surprised me, so is the service. This is not just smile at the meeting (we are used to this yet in Europe), and really glad that you’re right now at this point of the Earth. There is no longer hide under the cap or not do pretend not to hear anything from the headphones, as it usually happens in Russia: all smiles in 32 teeth shame not to respond in kind or at least nod your head.

One day during my trip I lost the room key. All my attempts to find this insolent fiasco he was not hiding or under the bed or in a suitcase or in the closet or clothing. When the boldest version was rejected and my room turned into a deserted battlefield on which rested turned upside down t-shirts, bags and shampoos, I went to the door and noticed that the key looks slyly from the reverse side. Time was not tidy, and I left the room to clean up in the evening. I’m a slut with experience, no matter where I was – and from Miami to Kemer, heaps of clothes were always scattered around the room and the cleaning ladies always politely avoided them, as outlined in chalk outline of a body at a crime scene. And here, in Mazagan, when I came back, my room did not look as if a few hours ago it has not visited Hurricane Katrina. All jackets hanging on the back of the chair and the chair, and the packages were carefully cleaned in a suitcase.

However, outside the palace, in the city, offering a completely different life – not so sweet and melodious, with crowds of Arabs waiting for public transport, dirty and noisy streets with beggars and dusty souvenir shops.

Tale calls

Any Guide favors in this regard: Marrakesh, Fez and Casablanca are not just become heroes of popular movies and TV series – is the largest and richest on the city’s history. Despite the uniqueness of each place, they have a lot in common, for example, echoes of Portuguese culture, market square and the skyrocketing mosque.

Morocco from XV to XVIII century belonged to Portugal, hence all these medieval fortress with crenellated walls, which are still the locals live, and most enterprising of them even organize hotels. Now the walls are adorned with satellite dishes and graffiti, but Moroccans are very careful to every corner of its history and restore rare, and even more so dear to the heart of demolished buildings.

Next attraction – markets where trade – it’s a lifestyle. Therefore equips patience to squeeze through the crowd of locals (oh yeah, the markets are almost no tourists) and find your Aladdin’s lamp. As souvenirs available dates, pink and gray wine, Moroccan mint tea, paintings, written by the sellers, slippers, Grandma curved noses, dishes with domed lid (for baking tagine – dish of stewed meat, fish or vegetables). In the end, carpets, if someone is not seen enough of them at home.

The most popular means of beauty in Morocco – is argan oil. It enters and hair masks and creams for face and body. A black soap (Beldi) with a strong effect skrabiruyuschim intended for the hammam or bath.

Beautician also should not miss while shopping east. If you watched the TV series “Clone”, you probably remember the main beauty Jade with lavishly painted eyes. Effect of resin eyes can be repeated using a pencil-kohl (in French it is called kohl). Another local beauty-custom – use moisturizing green, violet or blue lipstick. No, it gives lips a pink tinge (so called magic lipstick – “magic lipstick”), but at first glance shade really scary. However, local girls enjoy this lipstick constantly, not only for the color, but also to protect lips from the sun.

As Moroccans absorb art trade with the mother’s milk and African winds, here are some tips for you if you know how to raid the malls during seasonal sales, but it is not orientirueshsya in market relations.

Do not show much interest in the product. Naturally, when the seller sees your eyes wide with desire, he allows himself to prices, as in the best outlets in Milan. But this is Africa, and neither one of Louis Vuitton is not.

Delhi ten. When you see the item of your dreams, imagine how much it could cost (and how much you would have allowed myself to pay for it), and do not tell anyone the price. Now divide it by ten, and say out loud. Are you shocked? Seller too, so it will start to lower your original bet, and you – just raise your figure. The outcome of this fight will be a little about the price that you originally planned.

Go to extremes. If this is the end of the season, then say that you’re probably one of the last representatives of a dying kind shopaholics this year. If this is the end of the day, the principle is the same – do not want to trader a really good deal before sunset? And if the seller suggests that you’ll be the first customer today, it is still easier, because the first buyer of the day, in the belief of many people to bring good luck.

Play. Any market – a small theater. Seller will grasp at heart and groan over prices, which you call. Your trump card – is the lack of a large sum of money with them and deadpan.

But back to earth. The main characters find any city mosques Al Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh, the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca and the mosque (and part-time university) Karaouine in Fez. It’s like a venue that for centuries has remained unchanged – and today is going on around them enviable mass of the people, not only fans of religion, but fans discuss the latest town gossip.


In Morocco, you can not only explore the local culture, but also to learn new sports: surfing, horseback riding and golf. Season begins in the summer of big waves, and newcomers can come in Morocco even all year round. Water warms up and is suitable for swims from May to October, and wetsuit will solve the problem for the remainder of the cold season. Morocco has long been settled Russian surf schools that offer tours that include accommodation, meals and learning the basics of the sport. You can get on board and without any special training: good enough to keep the balance. But, of course, to repeat the antics of the movie “Point Break” will have to train for at least two years.

Do not want to catch the wave? Then, by the horses! It was in North Africa was brought Barb horses unique breed that was once used for military purposes, and today has become a great upland steed. The level of training is not important: perhaps the last time you sat on a pony when she was led to a children’s park, or it is likely that you are an advanced jockey with 10 years of driving experience – in any case a suitable horse for you there.

Prior to these lines, I just treated to the first type, but in Morocco, everything changed. Me straight (posture is very important, as in the ballet!) Seated on a horse, ordered her not to frighten me, and led to the beaten track. After three sessions I went confidently trot (ladno-ladno! I still swayed in the saddle from side to side and periodically tames the horse, sensing that my pony rides were not in vain), and this is one upgrade for my piggy wanderings . Excursions include a trip on horseback across the plains and along the ocean, so the romance you provided.

And for those who are not used to be worn in the fields, there is an easier way to get all of the landscape – golf. Through a combination of green plains and sand dunes in Morocco created about 20 golf courses that are loved by athletes from around the world.

Learn carefully territory of his hotel before departure: it is likely that some of these will be entertaining you right in front. Or you’re lucky with the resort as well as I do with Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, and enjoy all the royal entertainment can be, without departing from the palace gates.