How to treat chickenpox

How to treat chickenpox


How to treat chickenpox, what its symptoms? Let’s face it.

Usually this disease we learn in kindergarten. Most likely, you have had it as a child, but sometimes it occurs in adults.

What is it?

Chickenpox is one of the most common diseases among children. Fortunately, it is possible to get sick only once, after that the body produces immunity for life. It is worth to note that children are easier to tolerate chickenpox than adults. It is transmitted by airborne droplets, that’s why it’s worth getting sick one chubby little boy from a group or class, as it is immediately transferred almost the entire staff. So if your baby showing signs of chickenpox immediately leave his house. Infected by a child can be on the second day, even if descents has not come yet. Quarantine ends five days after the appearance of the last eruption.

Symptoms of chickenpox

From one to three weeks is the incubation period of chickenpox. At this time it does not manifest itself. Then sharply increased temperature (up to 39-39.5 degrees), a rash, headache, and weakness. Throughout the skin and mucous membranes even bubbles are formed with liquid inside, which is strictly forbidden to squeeze. Despite the itching, do not allow your child to comb the affected areas, otherwise the wound can get infected. Then dry up pimples, tightened crust over and heal without leaving a trace.

Treatment of chickenpox

How to treat chicken pox, you should know every mom. Remember that this is a virus, so antibiotics are powerless. But if this disease joins a bacterial infection fester bubbles, then the doctor will prescribe them too.This can happen if the child is severely combing rashes. Therefore, your main task is to distraction kid from his illness. It is desirable to comply with bed rest and should be changed more often made of leather and linen.

Mom should be sure that the rash does not get wet. You can only take a bath, add a few crystals of potassium permanganate. However, our experts will prohibit any water treatments, but Western doctors recommend short showers. Besides eliminated from the diet foods that can cause allergies, let’s drink a lot, lubricate zelenkoj pimples, monitors temperature and shoot down if necessary.

That’s it. Observing these simple recommendations, you shalt child from complications, as well as facilitating the disease.

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