How to treat varicose veins: expert advice

How to treat varicose veins: expert advice


Varicose veins – it is dangerous pathology, steadily destroying the health of their “happy” owner. How to get rid of unpleasant symptoms until it is too late – can be found below.

Most of the women over forty looking for ways to treat varicose veins without painful surgeries, and many find it a suitable treatment. Unfortunately, not every varices can be treated with folk remedies and medicines without surgery – however, if the time to sound the alarm and start taking action, may prevent the development of disease.

Risk group

Varices – a disease that manifests itself in an abnormal enlargement of the veins, increasing their volume. As a result, blood pressure drops, there is a strong leg swelling. Vienna distributed breadth so that they begin to bulge under the skin and form varices.

In this case, the answer to the question of how to treat varicose veins is a surgery to remove varicose veins and plaques. To do without it, it is necessary to evaluate their attitude towards risk.

This group consists mainly of women, though there are also men, patients varicose veins. Usually causes varicose veins are: obesity, physical inactivity, high static load on the legs. The presence of a genetic predisposition to the disease has not been proven.

As a preventive disease doctors say weight reduction, increased physical activity and avoidance of prolonged static loads on the legs. Then the capacity of veins in the legs will not increase, harming the body.

How to prevent varicose veins

As the primary treatment of varicose veins doctors seriously recommend Waist (compression) stockings and socks. They allow you to “hide” inside veins become external and reduce their volume, which has a beneficial effect on blood pressure and helps to normalize the capacity of veins.

Of the medications doctors recommend a variety protivovarikoznye ointment. Coupled with compression stockings they give effect much faster.

Varicose veins in pregnancy

Traditional medicine also has in the arsenal of mass means to deal with prominent veins. For example, a decoction of intoxicating cones – daily intake, according to doctors, is really able to stop the progression of the disease.

Unfortunately, successful treatment does not mean that the veins do not act out again. In many cases when varicose veins swell hard plaques, the only way to have finally overcome the illness becomes operation.