Trials Fusion: Race on the nerves

Trials Fusion: Race on the nerves


Trials Fusion entices neophytes pretending easy arcade gonochki stunts to an hour to bring down the player extreme complexity of the task. Joking aside – it’s a real Trials.

After a light workout in iPad Trials Frontier ‘s time to move to the main course. Especially because Trials Fusion first game of the series on next-generation consoles (and of course the PC). That access to the new platform seems caused mimicry game. The first four stages, which can easily slip in an hour, Trials Fusion similar to the usual arcade race.

Long gentle slopes, high speed, long jump, plenty of space to prepare for landing. All bright, beautiful, impressive. Here grandiose views and despite the fact that this is technically 2D-race scenery is quite a three-dimensional and diverse. In the background is always something going on – exploding factories, crumbling buildings, falling columns, soaring rocket, etc. etc. Not a game, but some fireworks. But watch out for all this splendor once, eyes glued to the bike, arms stretched. Especially because sometimes you do not see the track – it is going in front of you right in front of the wheels of the bike, like a puzzle made up at some crazy line – slopes, dead loops, jumps with a back flip.

However, to take the gold in the first three or four steps is not difficult. Know yourself and watch the landing rate is calculated correctly. Character levels are growing by leaps and bounds in the garage as new items of equipment and motorcycle parts. You feel like a god … racing coaching third level of complexity promises ahead, but it’s not serious, right?

After a relaxed ride fourth exercise, which offers a master advanced tricks like a bucket of cold water. And following her tracks turned into a living hell. Ten drops, twenty, fifty, one hundred. It seems, this stage is simply impossible to pass! I want to strangle someone who designed these tests. The motorcycle must as a mountain goat jumping from rock to rock, swing over the precipice, clinging wheels for subtle projections.

The last three stages Trials Fusion – hell, blood and pain. Cold fury and combat madness. Try another attempt, again, again and again. It is not about the medals, the minimum time or clean passage – if only to get to the finish line. This is a real old-regime Trials, what we love this game 10 years ago. If you survive in this competition, not break the gamepad on the wall, and his head on the table, you will see what a real hardcore gaming.

PS And there is a level editor, local multiplayer, a number of bugs that will hopefully be corrected and a few idle menu items that promise to include later.