27.05.2014 6:17

Turkey: as we visit it this year?

For Turkey, this year we go less frequently, but for longer and better standard Year 2014 proved to be significant in the Polish-Turkish relations, because it is the year in which we celebrate the 600 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This event creates an ideal opportunity to make new contacts and create plans, but to summarize. What are the Poles trips to Turkey? For how long you decide to stay and how much you spend? Which places are among our favorites and which hotels we choose?

Turkey for a long time was known as one of the most popular holiday courses Poles. We mesmerizing blue waters, sandy beaches and affordable local resorts. However, according to data trivago.pl, interest Poles trips to Turkey declined over the past three years. The data for 2013 clearly show that the Turkish beaches are to us about 27% less attractive than in 2011 and 37% less attractive than in 2012. First quarter of 2014 also indicates that this trend will be maintained – by comparing the first three months in 2014 to the same period in 2013, a noticeable decline in interest in hotels in the country by 28%.

Yet there is a certain relationship: the more reduced interest Poles Turkey, the longer they become their trips. Those who decide to stay in this region of the 2014 book hotel rooms at an average of 6 days (2012: 4.3 days; 2013: 4.9 days).

More than one-fifth of booking (21%) is made in September, which means that it is the most popular month for travel. Slightly less, because 18% of us decides to Turkish holiday in August, and 12% in July. Make a reservation while the most
in July and August (15%) and September (13%).

Despite the general increase in prices for hotels in Turkey (year to year) is changing the trend choice of accommodation by the Poles, and a noticeable increase in interest in 5-gwiazdkowymi resorts. The first quarter of 2013 showed that about 31% of us were prepared for the choice of this hotel, the 2014 is already 34%. About 3 percentage points dropped their interest in hotels 4-gwiazdkowymi and 2 hotels 3-gwiazdkowymi.

In 2014, the biggest surprise turned out beautifully located in Marmaris, where prices declined year on year by 53%. Less than a year ago also pay in Antalya (-14%) and Istanbul (-9%).