U.Baffet: Ukrainian crisis – good news for the stock market

U.Baffet: Ukrainian crisis – good news for the stock market


The American investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett said that he was not discouraged by the pressure on equity markets crisis in Ukraine.

“When I woke up this morning , I looked at the stock indexes in London in your computer , the quotes that we buy . They fall – and that’s good ,” – he said on Monday . U.Baffett said that it was an ” English ” quotes . He made this statement in an interview with CNBC.

” We bought them on Friday ( February 28) , and this morning they are cheaper , and that’s good news ,” – said Buffett . To the question whether he will continue to buy , the investor said, ” Of course .”

According U.Baffetta even if the Ukrainian crisis escalate into full-scale conflict , his tactics will not change. ” You have to invest your money in something anyway. The only thing you can be sure , it is that if a big war starts , the money will quickly become cheaper. Such a situation occurred during virtually every major military conflict , I know . What exactly not to do – keep the money with them during the war. better to buy a farm , apartment house or securities . during world War II, the stock markets have grown , “- he explained.

U.Baffett refuted suggestions as to what the U.S. stock markets are subjected to ” artificial manipulation and fraud .” In his view , the stock market is not a market , it is only a representation ” of American business .” ” It is quite difficult to manipulate the $ 20 trillion ” – believes U.Baffett .

Tycoon also said that if the decision depended on him , he would have fully supported the construction of highly debated now Keystone pipeline – from Canada to Texas – even despite the fact that the completion of this pipeline would be averted investors from railway companies , some of which he has a substantial interest U.Baffett . ” This ( Keystone ) is not such a big competitor. I think perhaps Keystounsky pipeline – it is good for the country .” U.Baffett , however, ” has no idea ” whether to approve President Barack Obama eventually Keystounskogo completion of the project.

He also said that the rise of shale oil production significantly helped them controlled railway company Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF). He acknowledged , however, that railroad tank cars for transportation of oil must meet much more stringent security requirements . ” Oil from the Bakken (mine on the border of the U.S. states of Montana and North Dakota and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba ) , as well as the Eagle Ford (mine in south Texas ) , was much more volatile than we expected … We have lowered the rate of transport . course, require a new model of oil-tanker rail car “- said U.Baffett .

Asked about the virtual currency Bitcoin , U.Baffett noted that it was ” not a currency ” and that he ” would not be surprised ” if she will not be so for the next 10 or 20 years. As the cost of Bitcoins fluctuates so much , ” she is very speculative ,” and the whole situation reminds the Dutch ” tulip fever ” 1637g .