In the U.S., developed a device capable of seeing through walls

In the U.S., developed a device capable of seeing through walls

seeing through walls

The inventors of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a system that can seeing through walls, determine the number of people behind the wall and recognize heart rate and record a person’s breath.

The device WIZ is a radio station kind USRP N210 with a powerful array of directional antennas. Antenna capable of operating at frequencies up to 7 GHz 25 every 2.4 milliseconds. The signal emitted by each antenna is slightly different, and out of phase. Wave receiver is able to capture the reflected signals from objects and calculate the distance to them.

The power of such a waveform does not exceed 75/100 milliwatts, these indicators fully meet the required specification of the federal Agency for Communications. For equipment that operates in this frequency range.

Abilities device WIZ capable of seeing through walls

According to the inventors of WIZ, sensitivity of the device is designed for seeing through walls of up to 4 people in the open countryside. If the front of the objects will be any obstacle, the system is limited to three people. Positioning error varies between 6.5 and 16.1 cm It all depends on the conditions of use of the instrument. Also, the invention can recognize various movements with his hands and feet. This feature is considered to be incidental, because WIZ highly inaccurate can recognize immovable objects.

In 97% of the experiments device almost exactly defined frequency breathing and heartbeat subjects.

It is assumed that the technology seeing through walls will be in the future WIZ use both military and medical personnel. The military will be able to recognize the number of people behind the wall, which significantly reduce the losses of human composition.

A medical device will be useful in analyzing and monitoring the patient’s organism. Due to low level radiation system can be used for tracking and young children as “babysitting.”

Inventors WIZ recently pondered upgrading the device. Calculated qualitatively improve the accuracy and resolution of the instrument. The innovation seeing through walls will help to recognize the emotional ups and downs of a person’s mood, as well as recognize the number of people behind a wall and actions made by them. All data will be obtained on the basis of respiration and heart rate.