28.03.2014 6:11

U.S. economy in the IV quarter grew by 2.4%

U.S. GDP slowed in the IV quarter of last year to 2.4 %, based on the annual rate from 4.1% in July-September. This is evidenced by the final data of the Ministry of Commerce of the country .

Originally reported growth figure of 3.2% in the IV quarter , in February the estimate is revised to 2.4%.

Experts interviewed by Bloomberg, expect the final revision to 2.7%.

According to the Ministry of Commerce , the consumer sector added 1.7 percentage points to the growth of the U.S. economy in the IV quarter .

In general, during 2013 the economy grew by 1.9% after increasing 2.8% in the previous year , the ministry .

Consumer spending makes up about 70 % of GDP , in October-December rose by 3.3 %

The U.S. trade deficit narrowed in the IV quarter , which increased GDP growth by 1 percentage point

Index PCE Core (Personal Consumption Expenditures, Excluding Food & Energy), which uses the Fed’s risk assessment of inflation, rose in the IV quarter by 1.3 % year on year against 1.4% in the previous three months .