24.01.2014 7:49

U.S. Federal Trade Commission interceded for Microsoft and EA

The representative of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Betsy Lorden Polygon, that the actions of Microsoft and Electronic Arts, which pays royalties to authors of reviews on YouTube, does not conflict with the rules issued by the Commission in 2009. Moreover, even breaking the rules would not automatically guilty of these – the rules are only “decoding” the laws of the United States, and the decision on whether it was a violation or not, in any case takes the court.

Betsy confirmed that U.S. law permits such remuneration if the information about the agreements between the advertiser and the performer is publicly available . In turn, in the Polygon note that on the arrangements became known only after they were published on the Internet by persons who are not officials of the companies (however , the information could be published before, and journalists simply do not notice – approx. ed.) . Betsy commented that in such situations, the Commission is conducting its own investigation and , if warranted , shall transmit the submission to the court. However, information on such investigations are usually not disclosed until their closure.

Recall , this week , the network appeared documents indicating that Electronic Arts and Microsoft pay royalties to authors Youtube- reviews for demonstrating their products (Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed: Rivals in the first case , and Xbox One Second ) . To rollers candidates nominated a number of requirements – for example, it was impossible to speak too negatively about the product. Both the company confirmed the existence of such programs , and Microsoft said that it is standard practice for the market.