In the U.S., a student with a faulty parachute survived a fall...

In the U.S., a student with a faulty parachute survived a fall from 900 meters


Near the town of Chickasha, located about 60 kilometers from the capital of the State of Oklahoma in the United States, with a fall of almost 16 km altitude survived-year-old girl who decides to jump. Doctors who hospitalization teenager called miracle happened and remembering previous similar cases .

Pupil of one of the Texas colleges named Mackenzie Vesington January 25 for the first time decided to jump with a parachute. To realize his long-held dream, according to her sister Megan, quoted by broadcaster NBC , she went to the parachute sports center “Pegasus” . Since she was not yet 18 years old, she had secured permission from their parents, without which, by the rules of the center, it would be forbidden to climb into the sky.

On the plane, along with Mackenzie was a few paratroopers, including her father Joe Vesington. He jumped into one of the first, and his daughter has fallen in the last group. As the girl jumped first, she did not have to pull the ring and independently draw a parachute, for her, it made a special mechanism. As the owner of “Pegasus” and its chief instructor Robert Swanson, who was on the plane, parachute Mackenzie revealed no problems, but then she got into a flat spin.

Swanson explained that the parachutist in the air can go into a tailspin for several reasons, but such cases are specially negotiated during the briefing. Mackenzie, as the instructor, before you climb on board the aircraft, fully undergone full training training. Moreover, the girl was wearing a helmet mounted radio, on which she had been told how to get the parachute out of a spin. However, to do so failed.

After the accident Swenson accused that he had not jumped to help the girls, but the instructor replied that it was impossible to do since soared in the sky other skydivers close to each other. According to Swanson, he could only scream Mackenzie that she needed to do.

The girl’s father meanwhile said that skydiving club was necessary to prohibit daughter climb on a plane, as it has not yet reached the age of 18. Joe Vesington believes that employees “Pegasus” Mackenzie had to remove from the jump, despite the fact that he himself, and gave him permission.

About accident experts parachuting center immediately reported to emergency services staff. Arrived on the scene, doctors delivered the victim Woman Chief State Medical Center – OU Medical Center , which is composed of a hospital for children and adolescents. According to the surgeon Jeffrey Bender, the girl was diagnosed with a broken pelvis, severe liver damage, lumbar, shoulder blade, several ribs and teeth.

“I do not know all the details of what happened because I was not there. But if she really fell from a height of three thousand feet (about 914.4 meters – approx., I can not imagine how she survived,” – said the doctor. Sister injured girl admitted immediately after the accident that the family believed that McKenzie will not survive, but then the bleeding stopped and her condition stabilized, TV channel CBS .

According to the surgeon Jeffrey Bender, Mackenzie now feels good, but in front of her waiting for a long period of convalescence. How long it will be, the surgeon did not dare to say. But it definitely will not be overnight, as happened with another skydiver Matthew Gough. In May 2013 the Englishman went to the Italian Alps to jump with a 300-meter cliff. However, his parachute for unknown reasons became opened very slowly, and the man fell to the bare rocks , decorated with a few bruises.