U.S. undertook financial whip

U.S. undertook financial whip


You can not send any money to Cuba from New York or London, or from Madrid, because the U.S. does not like Cuba. Financial Times warns that if you do what Washington does not like – you can cut from the international financial system. No other country can not do this, but States controls the dollars that are the world’s reserve currency. Any dollar transaction, even among non-US companies, at some stage will pass through New York and fall under the jurisdiction of U.S. authorities.

According to RBC-TV, Standard Chartered Bank in 2012., According to the U.S. government did the U.S. financial system vulnerable to terrorists, drug lords, smugglers of weapons and corrupt regimes. He had to pay U.S. authorities of $ 327 million and it is still relatively lightly. ING for similar violations related to Iran and Cuba, paid almost twice as much.

But even now ING may feel that in 2012. He dodged a bullet. Because BNP Paribas faces a fine in the amount of $ 10 billion in illegal business with Iran and Sudan. And from the French bank, in addition to huge fines and even seek admission of guilt – or Standard Chartered, ING or do not have. BNP Paribas in danger of being cut off from all dollar payments – for an international bank is tantamount to a death sentence.

As pointed out by RBC TV, use their U.S. banking laws not to enhance security of the financial system and to protect its citizens. States use them to achieve foreign policy goals and to promote the commercial interests of its banks. Huge fine for BNP Paribas demanding admission of guilt – is a vivid illustration of the American sense of exclusiveness. Use financial regulation foreign policy – it’s comfortable enough, it is cheaper than to declare war.

U.S. regulators are much more interesting to pursue foreign sanctions violators than scams at home, whose machinations during the mortgage boom economy caused damage to Trill