Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania will establish a joint military brigade – Agreement...

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania will establish a joint military brigade – Agreement has been signed

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania will establish a joint military brigade - Agreement has been signed

The current Ukraine authorities on the background hurt the whole world of the Russian Federation in recent years gets more and more friendly relations with the international community that regularly sealed high-grade instruments.

The business edition of “Market Leader” became known information that the announced an agreement to establish a joint military brigade between Kiev, Warsaw and Vilnius have already been signed. This fact can be safely called a full part of the agreement between the allied countries belonging to the moment of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The official signing ceremony of the above document has occurred on Friday, September 19 in Warsaw, which was signed by representatives of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine , as well as the governments of Poland and Lithuania . Press Service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has managed to confirm the information. His signature to the agreement to establish a joint military brigade put himself Colonel-General Valery Geletey. Also attended the meeting and took a direct part Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski. With the new procedure brigade modernization of the Ukrainian army will be significantly accelerated and the most justified.

During the NATO summit in Wales authoritative leaders of the actively discussed the likelihood of signing this document. Exactly two weeks later, this situation is still a reality. Komorowski expressed confidence that the team will be established to provide a full-fledged part of the peacekeeping contingent.

This military unit is used extensively as a real way of exchange of experience, knowledge and skills in the conduct of full-fledged fighting. Inter alia, the Ukrainian armed forces have at their disposal a legislative resolution on the full cooperation with the world’s armies. Polish President personally expressed confidence that his government is committed to fully support the regular troops of his new ally.

Direct participants in the meeting Varshavke actively talked about the fact that the procedure of quality and speedy modernization of the Ukrainian army is needed right now, because in the neighborhood of a given country is a real modern aggressor – the Russian Federation, and the Kremlin still manages all affairs , Vladimir Putin , who has demonstrated to the international community that are alien to the generally accepted principles of political behavior. The current Russian president absolutely does not follow the moral foundations on which should be considered by a normal sane heads of state.

Poland will help Ukraine to modernize the army.

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania will establish a joint military brigade - Agreement has been signed

Business publication “Market Leader” in the moment confirms the fact that the Polish government leadership actually vouch for the follow-up procedure complete modernization of Ukrainian internal troops. Lithuaniaalso outlined his signature his attitude to the proposed measures. Under certain circumstances, Vilnius can also take a direct part in the improvement actions of the Ukrainian army. Journalists can only note that in the future to the current military brigade can also join other states, because the rules of the relevant treaty provides further expansion.

In most Poland also saw significant government changes. During the procedure, the presentation is absolutely new Cabinet of Ministers authorized representatives of the media spoke with the new Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz. First of all journalists were interested in the possibility of further military assistance to Ukraine in the form of the full supply of weapons to the territory of a neighboring state and has the union.

The head of government is quite original answer to this question, because it is said to this kind of cooperation, it is primarily concerned with the position of women. To date, it is important not to engage in an escalation of the situation and subsequent sponsorship of hostilities, and to go on a peaceful path that will lead the international community to the long-awaited ceasefire in all its manifestations.

At the end of his meeting with journalists Kopacz added important information that Poland in the current difficult situation should behave as an experienced and competent woman, who should be as interested in protecting your own home from an unexpected aggressive invasion. At the same time, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that Poland today is a full member of the European Union , which is obliged to follow the rules of behavior of its own organization. If its leaders expressed confidence that Ukraine should receive weapons, such delivery will be made ​​mandatory, but only in conjunction with other reputable States.It should be noted the fact that the Polish journalists were outraged several relevant statements of the new prime minister.

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