09.05.2014 6:14

Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit: for photo and not only

All these pictures from a smartphone such identical, and Photoshop is inconvenient and also gossips certainly take advantage of this opportunity to bite the photographer. However, now there is one and a very good way to make a picture not only diverse, but also qualitatively. The number of pixels in the final image certainly not increase, but but each holder smartphone and this set will feel like a professional photographer.

This can be achieved by means of special fasteners, as well as a tripod, which is included in a set of Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit created by a group of American designers. The only awkward feature set is that as the name suggests it is designed only for use with smartphones iPhone. A tripod will take pictures remotely reliable position fixing the same set on a tripod, and in it set the smartphone.

In order to change the quality of the images in a set provides several special lenses for cameras that are mounted on top of an already existing smartphone optics. The lenses have a wide variety, and each of them is the quality of the pictures. There lenses decrease and increase of pictures, there are several types of refractive lenses and distorting the image, there’s even a lens “Fish eye”. While Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit comes in two versions with 3 and 5 lenses, but if successful kraudfandingovoy company creators promised to expand the arsenal of mobile photographers, adding a further lens changing image.

Under the terms of the company, the cost of a set of Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit is $ 70 and includes free shipping worldwide. Now the company is already underway. If it is completed successfully, Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit can be on the market this summer