19.09.2016 3:41

UMi Plus review Android smartphone for $ 220

We are not talking about the first time that the newcomers in the market of mobile phones, of course, very difficult to succeed, but still the chance they have. A striking example is the company UMi – a year ago about it but, as a unit now known producer sells a lot of its products, so that we can speak with confidence about the success of the manufacturer. Novelty called UMi Plus has stirred up the market, as the flagship of the more famous companies sell for $ 700-800, and not everyone is on the pocket, and then smartphone for only $ 220 with an excellent set of features and capabilities, which allows you to do the same thing as on the flagship, but this is a different logo and accessories to choose a little more complicated. But if you do not stop, then you can safely go to the Internet in search of news. Or first to read a review on this great mobile phone.

UMi Plus review Android smartphone for $ 220

UMi Plus: Specifications

New pleased with our strong performance – working inside the processor MediaTek Helio P10, which runs on eight computing cores clocked at 2.0 GHz, the processor architecture is 64-bit, it is not very hot and consumes battery power too, not so much. For the schedule of the product meets the graphics controller ARM Mali-T860, which is clocked at 700 MHz. Mark is, and built-in modem that supports LTE Cat.6 technology with high-speed data transmission. Support mobile phone performance UMi Plus is RAM 4 GB – enough to make your smartphone work effectively with any applications or games. Keep the personal content you provide on the internal storage of 32 GB, but there is also the possibility to install a memory card. However, it is currently an advantage – the card 64 and 128 gigabytes are not cheap.

UMi Plus review Android smartphone for $ 220

UMi Plus: Design

Delivers the smartphone UMi Plus will be available in two colors casing – silver and gold. The front panel display is placed with a small frame on the right and the left, the hardware Home key and a standard set of speakers, cameras and sensors. We liked the fact that the front panel did not set the logo – it only spoils the appearance of the smartphone. Rear panel, on the contrary, a little disappointed – the camera sticks out from the general plane of the panel, the two dividing strips make the gadget very similar to HTC. On the other hand, the product looks stylish and expensive, although not related to flagships.

UMi Plus review Android smartphone for $ 220

UMi Plus: Features

The entire front panel UMi Plus is protected from scratches with a hot glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which turned out to be much stronger than the new generations. Diagonal screen is 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, the picture looks quite nice, it is considered to be the reference value for the smartphone market. We liked the availability of Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, allowing you to set any content without restrictions. The hardware buttons on the front panel, integrated fingerprint sensor and the main 13-megapixel camera sensor acts GalaxyCore GC5005 from Samsung.


Now back to the price UMi Plus – just 220 dollars. For that amount you get a lot of useful features and an excellent set of iron – a modern CPU, just a sea of RAM, a lot of built-in memory, the ability to expand it at the expense of the memory card, a good camera and a gorgeous display. Given the cost, a set of these advantages offset any disadvantages in the form of inconspicuous design and other small details.