UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

UMI Rome X was announced in late 2015 and went on sale in early 2016. It is a simplified version of UMI Rome, which is positioned as the most beautiful and affordable smartphone with an attractive specifications.

Depending on the store, UMI Rome X price starts from $ 72 to $ 92.

UMI Rome X: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

Thanks to the curves and beveled edges of the device at first glance, seems to be more expensive than it actually is. It comes in two colors: black (glossy cover strongly soiled), and gold, which prints almost invisible. The case is slippery in the hand and it is not particularly comfortable. Frames are made of metal, plastic back cover.

Only the microphone is located below the touch navigation keys. At the lower edge of the hole can be detected speaker and MicroUSB port.

On the top edge is 3.5 mm jack for headphones. UMI Rome X Dimensions: 153.8 x 77 x 7.9 mm, weight – 183 g.

UMI Rome X design has a lot of claims. Ring accent heavily favored over the rear panel, and even after the bumper situation does not change. Between 2.5D glass on the front panel and the frame there is a gap into which the sheet of copy paper. A paint on metal frame is overwritten with time: checked in “gold” version. Metal power button and lock, located on the right edge rumble like a rattle.

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

But the most unpleasant thing is yet to come. Side ends react to the touch of fingers and palms. Because of this happening ghosting on the screen, as well as touch navigation buttons. Some people say that if to avoid hand contact with the rims, ghosting does not occur. You just have to put on a bumper on the enclosure.

But there is another point. The first revision as the substrate, covering the trail is used pasted ugly piece of black material. As a result, the battery and the cover is pressed plume, causing false alarms also occur touch buttons. In the second game smartphones this defect must be corrected by installing the metal plate as a substrate. But the “bug” is still seen from time to time.

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality


UMI Rome X uses outdated 4-core processor. This is MediaTek MT6580 (Cortex-A7, 1.3 GHz), with graphic core Mali-400MP2. Specifications are clearly not playing, but the device can cope with everyday tasks. Furthermore, run a 3D game is quite real. We just need to understand that the play “Tank Battle” at the maximum or medium graphics settings will not work. Synthetic test Antutu evaluates performance of the device in 24 thousand points.

UMI Rome X: Memory

UMI Rome X has a minimum amount of memory, as expected for a budget model. RAM is 1 GB, 670 MB is available after system startup. Internal storage capacity of 8 GG, and user has half of it. The smartphone has a slot for MicroSD with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

UMI Rome X: Battery

UMI Rome X equipped with removable battery. Capacity, according to data from the manufacturer, is 2500 mAh. Judging by the test results, the actual battery capacity does not exceed 2060 – 2150 mAh. In moderate operating battery gadget will miss out on the day. With the active use of a fully charged battery pack in the lunch “ask” to recharge.

UMI Rome X: Camera

The photo is taken with a resolution of 13 megapixels. This interpolation, the actual picture size is 8 MP. In theory, it should be recorded FullHD video, in practice, the maximum supported HD.

Flash Dual, bright. Supports auto focus. The photo is very worthy as a device in its price range. You can count on a relatively detailed and contrast images with rich colors. Naturally in good daylight. The camera copes with macro. At night and during low light conditions the result is predictable: the details merge into a mess of noise and artifacts. Under such conditions, the lighting is not accepted to expect high-quality images from the entry-level devices. Here are a few different shots on UMI Rome X:

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

The front camera of 5 megapixels (interpolated to 2 megapixels) is complemented by the flash. However, for selfie smartphone is not exactly good. To appear in pictures taken in the dark face was visible, dim the flash will fire at a distance of a few centimeters. On the quality of the images and say nothing – noise zamylennost, low detail, and so on..

UMI Rome X: Display

First, it is good. The smartphone uses LTPS display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches and HD (1280 x 720) resolution. The display pleases juicy colors. In the matrix good viewing angles. The brightness of the backlight is, fades, but still visible on the sun screen content. Touch 2 supports full-touch, which do not merge into one.

And now for the unpleasant moments. The most innocuous – a glare of the bottom of the screen, which is the art performance is not affected. Much more unpleasant encounter with a “tight” tachem: often when you scroll down you will notice jerks. In many instances touch behaves generally inadequate: push in one place, it works in the other. That is almost impossible to type text. Particularly noticeable glitches stitch occur after the smartphone will visit in the cold.

UMI Rome X: Communication

UMI Rome X supports 2 MicroSIM, operates in 2G and 3G networks. Fortunately, there are no problems with communication. Wireless Modules Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi b / g / n are also working normally. Supports navigation GPS (A-GPS), but the good of this is not enough. Navigation is not working properly. And if someone from the GPS “wound up” users, only after “dancing with tambourines”. Navigation systems are small satellites, and precision geopositioning low. Electronic compass is not, and without him on the navigation is not much sense.

UMI Rome X: Sound

At the sound component of the smartphone also has problems. The sound from the external speaker is tolerable, but high-volume stock does not possess. The earpiece is also quiet, but the volume can be corrected via the engineering menu. But the microphone sensitivity in the order and the sound in the headphones is not satisfactory.

UMI Rome X Review: design is not indicator of quality

UMI Rome X: Operating system

UMI Rome X is running Android 5.1. Net system, the shell contains only minor visual changes from the manufacturer. OS works is relatively stable, but the annoying touchscreen spoils the experience. Sometimes there are new versions of the firmware, containing fixes some bugs. But over the air firmware updates. It is necessary to independently download and install manually.

UMI Rome X: Features

Unlike many other smartphones with a processor MediaTek MT6580, UMI Rome X supports OTG. The device detects the external USB drives with FAT and FAT32 file systems.

We know of the existence of four revisions of this smartphone. The first and second visually distinguished on a substrate located beneath the battery. In the third and fourth revision of other screens. Accordingly, they are not suitable firmware revision to the first two. And finally, the 4th revision of the initially removed without interpolation, with a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Pros and cons UMI Rome X

Advantage UMI Rome X:

  • good design, if you do not look into the details;
  • main camera, taking into account the cost of the gadget removes bad;
  • support OTG.

Disadvantages UMI Rome X:

  • sometimes buggy proximity sensor;
  • lousy build quality;
  • incorrect operation of the touch screen;
  • ghosting touch buttons;
  • problems with the sound volume;
  • GPS is not working properly;
  • confusion between revisions, and therefore with firmware.


Devices with the same iron and lower cost – the sea. Moreover, for the same money you can buy a smartphone with the best performance and acceptable quality.

Bluboo Maya also received a good design, while equipped with double the memory, the indicator light and Android 6. Homtom HT3 Pro is not so beautiful, but it is equipped with a chip MT6735, battery 3000 mAh battery, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM. A place of honor in the options list is Doogee X5 Max Pro, which, among other benefits received Homtom HT3 Pro 4000 mAh battery on, and even a fingerprint.

Our review UMI Rome X

They say that “Beauty requires sacrifice.” But almost like a victim in selecting appropriate devices for continuous use. In this case, the nerves are more expensive, and beauty – meaningless. All the same, it will hide in the cover or in the bumper, so that the machine does not slip out, the cover is not scratched, and there were no false positives. Based on the review, it is very problematic smartphone. Rarely a buyer get lucky UMI Rome X with a minimum number of significant drawbacks.

Or to turn a blind eye problems, given the value of the product. In other cases, users have to be picked in the engineering menu, messing with the firmware patch. In an attempt to remedy the situation on their own it comes down to dismantling the enclosure. UMI Rome X – is one of the worst choices for those looking for a device, normally works out of the box.

 Buy UMI Rome X for $ 73.57 


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