UN special envoy to Syria, called on Turkey to keep the volunteers...

UN special envoy to Syria, called on Turkey to keep the volunteers in the SAR for the protection of Coban

UN special envoy to Syria, called on Turkey to keep the volunteers in the SAR for the protection of Coban

On Friday, October 10, the UN special envoy on Syria at a press conference in Geneva, called on Turkey to resolve the Kurdish volunteers to cross the border with Syria to participate in the defense of the city of Coban, reports Hurriyet Daily News . Currently, the city, inhabited mainly by Kurds, is experiencing an attack by militants of the “Islamic State” (“IG”).

“We would like to appeal to the Turkish authorities to give at least the possibility of armed volunteers to go into town and to strengthen the ranks of self-defense,” – said de Mistura. In addition, he urged Turkey “to be able to support coalition operations constraints in any way with its own territory.”

De Mistura explained his request, unusual for a representative of the UN, which is trying to remain neutral in the conflict, extremely dangerous situation around Coban.

Now the border town “is actually surrounded by”, except for one narrow corridor. In the center of Coban are still about 700 elderly, still 10-13 thousand are concentrated nearby.

“If the city falls, more than 700 people will be cut if the militants will move a little farther, die another 12 thousand people,” – warned de Mistura.

Since the beginning of the offensive forces “IG” on Kobanov killed about 500 people, 300 thousand more fled.

In the event of a fall Coban, also known under the name of Ayn al-Arab, “IG” significantly strengthen its position by gaining control over a large portion of the border between Syria and Turkey.

Last week, gunmen attacked Kobanov tanks and heavy artillery, but the defenders of the city promised to continue the fight. Currently in the hands of militants is about a third of the city.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Turkey continues to shy away from conducting ground operations. As said on 9 October, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, the expectation that the Turkish army will block the city on their own Islamists, far from reality.

Secretary of State John Kerry said that, despite all the drama going on in Coban, the decision of Turkey’s accession to the Syrian territory is a strategic and urged the Turkish leadership to decide “in the next few hours or days,” with the role it intends to play in the fight against militants.

The struggle between the “Islamic state” and the Kurds has become an important factor in world politics, not only in the Middle East, but also in Europe.Since October 7, Kurdish activists occupied the building of the European Parliament in Brussels, demanding that the EU more active participation in the fight against the Islamists. The building was released only after the protesters met with the leaders of European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who assured that he shared their concerns about the actions of “IG”.Demonstrations were also held in Germany, where about 800,000 Kurds.

On the eve of the United States on Thursday struck nine air strikes on the positions of “IG”, but the Islamists managed to keep control over a large part of the Kurdish city.

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