Some of us do not accept this holiday, considering it unnecessary trend of the West, while others do not look back on convention and relate to Valentine’s Day as another occasion to show the second half, how much they love her. Of course, the staunchest opponents of Valentine’s Day say that to demonstrate the light feelings do not look for reason: it should be done consistently, regardless of the number of the calendar. But, you see, so nice to live in anticipation of surprise from a loved one, wait, that he would prepare something special for you, and come up with the most unbanal ways to celebrate the triumph of love.

Going to the restaurant, bath with candles and champagne, striptease for a loved with all its consequences – that’s all well and good, but sometimes you want to do something such, so that the second half did not expect. See genuine surprise in the eyes of a loved one happy – here, perhaps, to aspire to any girl who is determined to make Valentine’s Day from a simple “good morning, happy holiday, good luck on the job” to “you – my life, and all this for you.” You do not wait to find out exactly how you can please her lover February 14? Then the selection of our unbanal ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day – just for you.


Say at once – this option is not cheap, but if you have the opportunity to go on holiday to another country, then boldly embody plans. A great option would be the city of romance – the eternal Paris. Of course, these trips are stipulated in advance, although spontaneously decided to mark Valentine’s Day with a glass of wine in a restaurant with views of the Eiffel Tower will make your holiday even more memorable. Perhaps the most memorable of all.


Not necessarily to buy a plane ticket to make the holiday special.

If you have a cottage, then you may go for the town. Need to buy a plane ticket to make the holiday special. Crackling wood in the stove and you alone with nature forgetting that there is a telephone and internet – is not it wonderful? The main thing – bring a good supply of food and warm clothing, the window still more winter.

Tandem skydive


This method is suitable for those who do not accept boredom in any form. If your man has long dreamed of a parachute jump, and you also do not mind feel free bird, then go ahead and find out where in your city provide such services, and amaze your lover so unbanal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


We used to do a photo shoot in pairs wedding day or anniversary of living together , but why not capture your happy marriage and loving eyes on February 14, when all around seems to say about love? Indoors or outdoors, surrounded by red paper hearts or no hint of Valentine’s Day – it’s up to you, because no party supplies will not play in the pictures brighter than your heartfelt feelings.



Why book Italian pasta or lasagna, if you can create something at home masterpiece?
For lovers of cooking fits the following option: you stay at home all day cooking and experimenting with a variety of delicious dishes. Choose what you like. The main thing – to do everything together. Why book Italian pasta or lasagna, if you can create something at home masterpiece? And if you are fans of Japanese cuisine, then stock up on fish, seaweed, rice and soy sauce and start to “cast” over the most delicious sushi and rolls. After preparing the past, you can follow the example of Samantha’s feature film “Sex and the City” , “decorate” them her naked body to turn a simple dinner in a fascinating experiment sex.



And among men there are those who love spa treatments, not to mention the women? A modern salons offer excellent programs for two, which include massage, relaxation baths, moisturizing and nourishing masks, wraps, etc. The essence of paired procedures is that you are in one room and can share their experiences with each other, and smells of oils used for massage and aromatherapy blend together, complementing each other and making your stay in the cabin more comfortable. Agree doubly relax and soul and body with your loved one.


Stock up and make fragrant oils favorite sensual massage.
If you want to stay at home in this wonderful evening, why not themselves act as therapists for each other? Stock up and make fragrant oils favorite sensual massage. However, do not hurry to go directly to what surely run like spa treatments. Pull pleasure let partner too “rumpled” you back, and even arms, legs, etc. Arrange around candles, turn on soft music. Contact phone that does not imply a momentary sex – a great way to warm up before an interesting sequel.