Underwater magic park “Grüner See”

Underwater magic park “Grüner See”


Hotels, restaurants and museums located below the water surface, sophisticated traveler can not be surprised. But the park “Grüner See” in Austria, though there is not the first year, remains one of the most amazing places of old Europe.

Parks, striking beauty and unique magical atmosphere, the world is not so much, but still enough to occasionally leave the office worker-lasting decrepit and nourish the body from the bustle of metropolises with new impressions. Geography similar pleasures wide, as well as the range of emotions caused by visiting these lovely paradises. However, the Austrian park “Grüner See” (literally – Green Lake), located at the foot of snow-capped peaks Hochschwab stand out against all the others. It stretches … underwater.


Modest Austrian town Tragoss this year already takes tourists from around the world. That he had the fate to be a place through which everyone see the underwater green miracle sent to the lake. It is located just five kilometers from the “Grüner See” and provides travelers eager to experience not only the possibility to park your car, but also to accommodate the entire company in comfortable cabins with all the amenities. Tragossa can get to by public transport – every few hours of Brooke shuttle bus.


There is public parking in the immediate vicinity of the lake. The price tag is not much bite: one parking space for you lay no more than 2.5-3 euros, and if you decide to stay more than a day, every other day will cost you more in the 1 euro. There is also a modest, but quite cozy and affordable restaurant where you can relax, gain strength and to share experiences with new-found friends or relatives.


If you arrive at the “Grüner See” in the winter (October to May), you will see quite banal, though not devoid of natural charm picture: intricately curving paths draw the winding path to the ornamental pond and graceful bridges and benches give an unusually pure and breathable special freshness park intelligence and style. The geographical proximity of the Alps confirmed by numerous small streams flowing down from the surrounding mountains, but the depth of the lake does not exceed a few meters.

All the fun begins in the late spring, when melting massive glaciers of the surrounding mountains. From those modest and inconspicuous streams that quietly and peacefully carried their water to the lake in the winter, by the will of nature there is a serious metamorphosis they become powerful and turbulent streams that feed the lake so that it overflows its banks and absorbs almost the entire park area. The water level often rises from 4 to 8 meters, but recorded and a record – 12 meters at the deepest point.


The uniqueness of the lake gives not so much the fact of melting glaciers in the surrounding mountains, crystal clear how much meltwater, which provides an excellent overview of all that they appeared absorbed. So nature connects underwater and terrestrial world in one place of indescribable beauty. Scurrying back and forth between benches fish like animating water flows under the influence of tree leaves, strolling carelessly along the bottom of the sun’s rays and glare – the feeling of paradise closer than ever, and the fact of his being under the water did not bother. At the very bottom is actively blooming alpine meadows, and it creates a unique impression of juicy green, where, in fact, came the name of the place. And plunging into the water divers have firmly taken a liking to Green Lake, attach picture piquancy.


Speaking of divers. Desire to plunge into the clear waters of the lake and explore all of its charms is quite understandable and natural, but it can be done only if there is a special card diver, scuba diving resolution. There is no need to carry everything you need with you. Near the lake there is a base where you can get a full set of equipment and diver permission. However, at the same time present in the lake may not be more than 80 divers. Security is given the most attention, and rightly so: no one wants to overshadow this wonderful tale any tragic events.


Waterproof camera – the number one thing for any diver (following suit, of course). But both want to capture the beauty of what he saw and then share it with the world.

And yet there can be great fishing. However, for “modest” amount of 18 euros per kilogram of fish caught (in the lake live among other inhabitants of freshwater trout and crabs). But the pleasure to fish in one of the most beautiful places in the world is worth it, is not it?


The assurances of tourists leave the lake is very difficult: heart stubbornly does not want to let go of this piece of paradise. Meanwhile, with the release of the summer season on the homestretch Green Lake loses its magic underwater and transformed into a comfortable and beautiful place for recreation and fishing. Exactly a year before until lurking somewhere nearby glaciers in the mountains again begin to die slowly, giving life to one of the most beautiful parks on the planet.