In the United States can build roads, generating electricity

In the United States can build roads, generating electricity


Family inventors of America plans to solve the problem of energy crisis, turning a country road in giant solar panels.

Only in the area of U.S. highways, parking lots, sidewalks and bike lanes in general is about 50,000 square meters. km.

Inventors Julie and Scott Brousseau believe that all this place has to be transformed into a giant solar panels that produce electricity. It was on this project they have been working for more than six years trying to develop a “solar road” that can support the weight of the column of multi-ton trucks. And finally, their activities brought the first fruits: the prototype was created glass “tiles” that are resistant to damage and provide the same grip of the tires, as well as conventional asphalt. Furthermore, they can produce three times more power than now generally consumed in the U.S.. Material can also be recharged by running a current transport right while driving.

The project, which was the official name of Solar Roadways, has twice been funded by the Federal Highway Administration U.S.. These funds is still not enough, so now we are collecting money for kraudfanding resource Indiegogo. Purpose – $ 1 million, and so far has collected just over $ 100,000.

I am glad that the authors pursue the most noble goal: to solve the energy crisis, create a lot of jobs and not do any harm to nature. So that the proposals of private investors Brousseau family refuses.

That’s how “solar road” look in the view of one of the artists.

And this is – parking.