In the United States to clarify the rules to arrest the foreign...

In the United States to clarify the rules to arrest the foreign ownership

United States

In the United States decided to adjust previously entered sanctions against foreign ownership. Now the arrest will be subject to property companies, 50% of which belongs to the set of persons who have been exposed to punitive measures.

Ministry of Finance of the United States has adjusted its own rules of arrest of property of foreign nationals are subject to a unilateral American sanctions. Thus, the agency created the possibility of a broader application of this mechanism. This was reported by the Office of Foreign Assets Control Ministry of Finance of the United States.

Arrest in the financial system of the USA will now be subject to the property of those companies and organizations, 50% or more of the securities of which is owned jointly persons who have been exposed to the American punitive measures, ITAR-TASS reported.

In accordance with the previous interpretation of the rules, blocked only those assets that are 50% or more owned by one the particular person who has fallen into the black list of American Finance. In the aggregate proportion of defendants in such lists owned companies and organizations in the past have not been calculated. From now on, the Ministry of Finance United States, according to his announcement, and will be able to more actively use the mechanism of seizure of foreign assets.

In addition, American citizens encouraged to “proceed with caution” when assessing the potential transactions with companies whose assets were “frozen” in the financial system of the USA, but where exposed to sanctions foreigners have a share of less than 50%.

For such companies the Finance Ministry may subsequently take punitive action, according to the updated rules.

Recall that before the United States imposed sanctions against individuals and companies close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

July 17 this year, the United States announced the imposition of sanctions against the Russian sector.

Under the sanctions were Gazprombank, Vnesheconombank, military concern Kalashnikov, OAO Concern constellation of Almaz-Antey company Rosneft, the company Basalt, Feodosia Oil Company (in the occupied Crimea).

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