The most unusual desert

The most unusual desert


In the view of the inhabitants of the middle band all the same desert – endless sand dunes, cacti, camels and unbearable heat. In fact, each of the desert has its own face, and we offer a look at the most interesting of them.

Brightest – Color Desert, USA

If the young master, creating a decorative bottle with sand, pokreativila on the territory of the Colorado Plateau Mother Nature. The atmosphere is a riot of colors: countless hills, dunes and plateau stretches almost 20,000 kilometers, painted in all colors of the rainbow. In a quiet, windless days colored desert, appeared at the place of the once fertile land affects cosmic landscapes. To the horizon, drowning in a thick haze, stretch yellow, orange, blue and purple hill, and in places, illuminates the sun, there are white, like snow, stains. If you want to witness even more fantastic spectacle, visit the National Park “Petrified Forest” in bad weather. Blazing wind billowing skyward millions of grains of sand, creating a grand carnival colors. In addition to the mind-blowing views, colored desert and has significant archaeological value: there were found many dinosaur fossils and traces of ancient settlements.

The strangest – Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

Flat surface, the endless sands, sparse vegetation and unique wildlife – everything seems to be signs of the desert there, but Lençóis Maranhenses does not look like a lifeless expanse of the Sahara or dark dunes of the Atacama. After the rains, which often irrigate the land of Brazil, between the white sand dunes there are real lake filled with bright as the turquoise water. On the sun-scorched earth, life returns, turning rough country in a beautiful beach, lapped by the ocean waves. Small saucers lagoons where you can only get your feet wet, alternating with a huge pond full of fish, shellfish and even turtles. Catch the moment: as soon as the natural activity, which peaks in July-September, come to naught, paradise again absorb sands. Only oasis Quemado dos Brutos surrounded by palm trees and a lake Lagoa Bonita remain the only shelter for tired travelers until the next rainy season.

Most fateful – Namib Africa

Travellers who managed to stay alive after a visit to the Namib Desert, assure that even death would be more merciful punishment than exile in these dark, lifeless land. Many centuries taken human life demons Skeleton Coast, stretching to the south of the Namibian desert. Those who were not killed lactic shroud of fog and powerful ocean waves caused by the passage of Benguela, died in the grip of the quicksand or wilted, unable to withstand the heat and harsh winds. Sand dunes stretching to the horizon, can easily become a platform for films about pirates: thousands of bleached skeletons elements coexist with time gnawed skeletons of dead ships, and somewhere deep under the dusty veil hiding diamond deposits and buried chests of gold . But there are those for whom hell on earth became home: the sands of live insects, lizards and even antelope. In ancient desert planet has its attractions: the world’s highest sand dunes of Sossusvlei valley and petrified trees Grandfather Pour.

Most inhospitable – Danakil, Ethiopia

Wild, frightening beauty beckons intrepid travelers Danakil desert. In a place where the Arabian tectonic plate divides the African plate in two, if correct ball devils. Shaking the ground and spewing lava from the infernal boilers, they envelop the whole district in dense fog off harmful fumes. Cascade sulfur lakes, spewing poisons leads to uncured lake of lava collected in a volcano Erta Ale. For five decades are bubbling, illuminating the night hellfire burning magma. Another volcano called Dalol, competing for travelers delight, not afraid to be really deadly resort planet, creates incredible reliefs. Boiling sulfur, erupting from the earth, forms a bizarre colored shapes that have no place on our planet. Number of extreme wanting to be in the heart of the underworld, is sufficiently large, even a decent price: over a three week tour that starts from Addis Ababa will have to pay more than £ 3,000.

The most famous – Sahara Africa

Large and multifaceted longest desert blue ball called Earth. The total area of ​​rocky plateaus and volcanoes, oases and sand ergs singing sands and saline pools exceeds the area throughout Brazil. It is difficult to imagine how would look like without the great desert of Africa, which went down in historical records millennia ago. The air here is so red hot that burns for an instant the face, and the storm so familiar that the Arabs say, “The wind rises and subsides with the sun.” But it is worth the heavenly bodies slip over the horizon, as the scorching heat is replaced by a sharp cold. Temperature differences are so great that even the stones exploded with a loud bang, breaking the silence unexpected “fire.” Not count the number riddles Sahara. Adrar Plateau on Ma-children are vast stone circles ideal form, oriented to the cardinal, and the north-west, Mauritania, is a huge “eye Sahara” – marvelous creation of nature, visible even from space.