09.05.2014 6:25

Unusual Hotels, carved in the rocks

Caves, first the natural and then artificially created, were the first human dwellings. As people of the past lived in them, you can feel today, after spending a few nights in one of the carved into the rock of unique hotels.

Le Grotte della Civita, Italy

Hotel Le Grotte della Civita, Matera is located in the very south of Italy, notable for the fact that he has a stellar classification and bears no resemblance to what we used to see in hotels. There is no higher class gloss, rubbed to a high gloss floors and obliging corridor. No bars, TVs and even electric lighting. Le Grotte della Civita – a harsh medieval monastery, in which you feel most brave knight than successful rich. Absorb here have a crack in the wood stove, step – on the sandy floor, and eat, and although tasty, but the simplest food. To give even more entourage “medieval” designers seriously approached the design of all elements of the interior: the creaky wooden door, small window openings, modest furniture. In general, if you want to stay a little longer or a hermit cave man, this place is just for you.


Yang Jia Ling Cave Hotel, China

The tradition of carving buildings in the rocks known in China for thousands of years. The most striking examples can be seen in Tibet, where the rock created Buddhist complexes. As for Yang Jia Ling Cave Hotel, it is interesting not only for its architectural component, but also the fact that once lived in it himself, Mao Zedong and led out of the Great Revolution. Unlike Le Grotte della Civita, this hotel has a star rating (three stars), and all that accustomed to see in hotels. There are even some gyms, Hall with gym and swimming pool. By the way, know that despite the fact that prices are relatively low and are all in a row, you can always try to negotiate a lower cost – it is normal for China.

La Claustra, Switzerland


Once at the hotel La Claustra, located under a rock high above the sea level, you will feel amazing tranquility alpine mountain air, wildlife around and contribute to this unique interior. However wonderful and quiet place today has troubled past: this cave once served as a barracks for the soldiers, camped here for the protection of St. Gotthard Pass. As Le Grotte della Civita, Hotel La Claustra – a very peculiar place. Despite a four star hotel assigned, interior and service here are rather austere character. The decor is a unique experiment mixing modernist style, light and water creates an atmosphere of simplicity, where all home furnishings are functional and no-nonsense in terms of decor. Another advantage of the hotel all the tourists recognize the amazing gourmet cuisine. La Claustra only has 17 rooms individually decorated (a total of 30 seats). WC and showers are located next to the rooms. The hotel is open from early May to late October, the settlement is only possible by appointment. By the way, not far from the hotel is a monument to Russian soldiers who have committed under the command of Suvorov crossing the Alps.

Desert Cave, Australia


Where to hide from the sun in the desert? Ideal – underground. Underground Hotel Desert Cave, located in the Australian town of Coober Pedy, the opal capital of the world, has 20 spacious rooms with luxurious interiors with high ceilings and stone walls and ready to shelter the heat exhausted traveler all year round. Most users say that staying under, in absolute quiet, cool and impenetrable darkness gives them the best sleep they could only imagine. However, sleep – not only what is worth visiting artfully created in the underground rock Hotel Desert Cave. Enjoy traditional Australian cuisine, swim in the pool, relax in the spa or take a stroll in the cool comfort of underground shopping. For those interested in mineralogy, created opal mining history museum where you can not only enjoy the wonderful stones and learn all of their stories, but also learn to distinguish the real from the fakes. And not far from the hotel is a railway station, which stop these locomotives.