The most unusual world cableways

The most unusual world cableways


Cableways, wearing utilitarian function, sometimes becoming the real attraction that not only carries, but also attracts many tourists.

Way up the mountain with the speaker called Heaven’s Gate, located near the Chinese city of Zhangjiajie, which can be considered anything but not ordinary and calm. All options are good, as the selection: a long and grueling serpentine highway Tuntyan has 99 dangerous turns, the highest in the world and a heavy lift with the romantic name of the Hundred Dragon Elevator open and its cabins are made of glass, terrifying staircase receding into the sky, carved directly in the cliff, and extreme lift soars to a height of as much as 1279 meters. 98 small booths Tyanmen road sweep upward, looking farther from the solid earth, and you will not catch my breath at the bottom of flash, getting smaller, home of modern China, frightening narrow ledges and ancient trees-giants. If you are not frightened at the sight of the supporting pillars, vgryzshihsya in stone rock, lift your head up. Cavity through a huge cave the highest planet, wrapped up trail clouds shining flawless blue sky so close here.

Scariest ropeway

50 years have passed since that time, as the wealthy Malaysian Lim Goh Tor went to conquer the highlands between the states of Pahang and Selangor. Much effort and money spent on it is to build the best in Southeast Asia Entertainment Complex. Mr. Lim was almost bankrupt, selling all assets and nearly died, six survived heart attacks. But the dream has become a reality: there, where there were many centuries jungle appeared highway and top up dozens of top-class hotels and restaurants, casinos and shopping malls, amusement parks and golf courses. But the main attraction of the complex – this funicular Genting Skyway, connecting the “Malaysian Las Vegas” with the settlement of Gohtun Jaya below. Only 11 minutes trailers moving at a speed of 6 m / s, overcome the longest cableway in the Southeast Asia and are on top of the long-awaited vices. If your heart has not sank, look around: the booth the fastest cable car of the world, offering great views of the ancient rainforest.

Show speed lift

In the sweat of thy face puffed over the construction of the most extensive in the world ropeway double reverse acting, which connected the Armenian village of Tatev and Halidzor company “Garaventa” from Switzerland. Her creation, take the first travelers in October 2010, was a real record length “Wings of Tatev” built in just 10 months, amounted to 5752 meters. Each of the booths of Tatev ropeway can accommodate up to 25 people and up to speed to 37 km / h Their movement is provided by two electric motor and a backup diesel engine. All travel to the world-famous monastery complex where the death took disciple of the Apostle Thaddeus, passes over its frightening depth of the gorge of the river Vorotan and lasts 40 minutes. Armenian engineering marvel is very popular among tourists: at last the longest portion of the cable car offering magnificent views of attractions and end stations installed binoculars.

The oldest

June 29, 1908 in the small Italian town of Colle that near Bolzano, there was a real full house. Enterprising businessman Joseph Shtafler tired wait for customers in a hotel owned by him, went by the rule “If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain.” Adapting several cabins, he built the first at the time the passenger ropeway and established unhindered movements of visitors from Bolzano Colle. Although since then passed over a hundred years, rarity cableway is still functioning, becoming a popular tourist attraction. While traveling in restored carriages, designed for 20 people, only lasts for five minutes, a release from none. From the point of departure has magnificent views of the picturesque expanses of Italy, where construction is strictly prohibited and will start many excursions and hiking tours. And the creation of alternatives for Shtaflera intact century still not found – much more long 9-mile serpentine can cause only discomfort.

Most tech

Although the population of the tiny village of Tenna, nestling in the Swiss Alps, is hardly a hundred permanent residents here to create cutting-edge cable car did not need a lot of discussion. Compare the features of already existing trailers and demand for winter holidays, engineers undertook a major reconstruction. At a special bridge built over the line of the old lift was installed 82 solar panels segment. The resulting plant was equipped with turning mechanisms and sensors are able to measure the level of accumulated snow on the panels and include a self-cleaning. The result exceeded all expectations. In the days when the sun shines bright, modern power supply generates three times more energy than needed for Solar Sky Lift, provides electricity and city. In manufacturability lift there is also a useful “feature”: heated seats in the booths inside, providing comfort even in the frosty days.