“Valentin” American-style: some errors

“Valentin” American-style: some errors


Faced with a holiday American man is helpless. Inexorable approach of the day plush hearts paralyzes him as the deer – the light of car headlights. And if the Russian man experiencing yearly personal Austerlitz in the eve of March 8, when in battle with common sense always wins host flower stall, then a personal Pearl Harbor American – this Valentine’s Day.

Americans know how to do the series of events. It always seems that the country or already celebrating something, or preparing for the next date. Cheat consumers begin to advance. Accordingly, as part of the campaign “Valentine’s Day” (for brevity “DSV”) TV in January vengeance advertises “right” gifts.

By obsessions with certain margin lead advertising jewelry. Men in all ways similar to that girl’s best friend – you know what it is. Without the “you-know-what” you are not in the bosom prince on a white horse, and so the error of youth. Closer to the day X undecided begin bombing suggestions such as “a dozen roses for the price of six and a free ball in a gift” – press on practicality. (By the way, American bouquets are always an even number of flowers – first one I threw out of superstition, but then I got used).

Alternatively podnadoevshego roses men convince order beloved girls giant box of strawberries in chocolate – I do not know what planet this strawberry, but there is every berry size with average beets! But is yet to come: in my own meaningless gifts championship leader “Bear Vermont.” Polutorametrovogo huge beast, overgrown with acrylic fur, give just $ 99 – agree quite inexpensive for a gift that will blow her spot? The screen flashed happy nymphet cuddling with a bear in such negligees that naive donor uncontrollably want to be in his place. I do not know how the average woman, and I would suggest that the donor himself to sleep with this monster in an embrace.


Interestingly, the last argument in favor of a gift in almost all promotional videos appeared inflexible, like a nail, the argument: “It will be the envy of all friends!” Poor friend, or they flower or candy, probably for life no one has presented . About envy friends are not talking, perhaps, only in advertising Dunkin Donuts: the legendary producer of feed for the police released the holiday heart-shaped donuts at a reasonable price of $ 3.99 for six pieces. In advertising office in one fell swoop Prince bestows all female staff, while not breaking through a gap in his, I think, a modest budget and not giving your heart no one lady in particular. How would all the sisters on earrings, and HR-department satisfied.

Surprisingly, no pressure marketing aimed at women, I like tried, on the eve of the DCB is not spotted. It seems that, under the laws of the genre lovers should exchange signs of attention, “you give me – I tell you,” but advertising that appealed to the ladies to purchase socks and ties increased grandness or some magic slippers, through which he will make out in you that unique , on American television just yet.

Last year, just before the DCB Gwyneth Paltrow, often try on the role life-coach, broke out in his blog GOOP column on how to survive the ruthless holiday if you’re lonely – yes, and it happens with the princesses. Gwyneth competently advises a massage, see life-affirming movie, build for myself bouillabaisse for one person – and then, suddenly, and come February 15.
Yes, if we measure the success of the DCB in the gifts, then it is a holiday for many disappointments. Only in the movies favorite romantic hero gives all of himself without residue: and his hand and heart, and a diamond the size of a quail egg. But in reality, the morning of 14 February, he sheepishly buys in the supermarket first caught the eye of a box of chocolates to not empty-handed. Or six donuts for $ 3.99, hoping to eat at least three of them.

But things are not so bad! In the end, our men have almost three-week head start in March and up to eight can try to learn from the mistakes of their overseas counterparts. Overview: no donuts and giant bears – this time. Besides roses there are many different beautiful colors that can and should be presented, and it is desirable armfuls – that’s two. Finally, even the most refined bouillabaisse for one person will not give her as much joy as scrambled eggs for two, if it prepares the beloved.