20.04.2014 7:20

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Paul Wesley directorial debut

Paul Wesley decided to work on three fronts. Previously, he was an actor and producer, and is now a director and: his resume replenished marked “put one episode of” The Vampire Diaries “.”

Wesley can not wait for the audience reaction to his work: “Such a good feeling! I always wanted to combine all three positions. To be an actor I love, but sometimes hard to understand that your opinion is not too much. So so cool to participate in the process at an early stage of production. When you work as a producer and as a director, you realize that you stand at the helm.

Paul ensures that it will be a series of stunning. Since the season finale soon, episode titled “Resident Evil» contains many complex tricks, emotional scenes, unexpected plot twists – all that we used to see in the finals of the projects from CW. “It’s funny how difficult it was my episode – he says. – I had two teams, stunt, a 15-meter blue screen special effects, flashbacks. People disappear in the air … I even had a special belt to take flight! I am extremely grateful that I have entrusted it all. “


“Nothing I have not removed the innovation, it is the same” Vampire Diaries “, which are all used. I followed the traditional formula, and do not want fans to think that I create the show again – says Wesley. – But my story is not just remind you of the first season. Very nice to indulge in nostalgia, because the first episodes of the series – my favorite. “


And for particularly attentive fans Paul came up with several easter eggs. “I added something to the scene of visions, and now I am wondering if anyone notices –Wesley said. – Nothing really important, I do not want to sound pretentious, but there will be something interesting … “