In Venezuela do not cease unrest began after the voluntary surrender of...

In Venezuela do not cease unrest began after the voluntary surrender of the leader of opposition to the authorities


In Venezuela, do not stop the protests that broke out with renewed vigor after the opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who was declared wanted,voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. In the state capital of Caracas to the streets tens of thousands of people. Lopez today was supposed to appear before the court. In some areas, clashes with the police were blocked several roads, reports Reuters.

Lopez, speaking at a rally before the surrender to law enforcement agencies, called on his supporters to continue the fight against the current government.Note that the detention of opposition that February 19 was supposed to appear before the court on charges of organizing riots provoked many protesters.

“We are tired of this. Decision Leopoldo voluntarily give himself on trial just shook our country,” – said the 24-year-old student Maria Gabriela Guerrero, expressing the general view of several dozen demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse, where the judge must Lopez.

Prior to this all night in Caracas continued demonstrations. People rattling pots and pans in protest – as the agency, is a traditional form of expression of discontent in Venezuela. Students on Wednesday morning blocked one of the highway in Caracas. In addition, police and protesters clash occurred in the city of San Antonio.

In the city of Valencia in the state of Carabobo died girl wounded during protests on Tuesday. According to the newspaper El Universal , died Henesis Carmona, who was the winner of the beauty contest “Miss Tourism-Carabobo in 2013.”23-year-old girl got shot in the head during the opposition actions and died in hospital on February 19. According to the newspaper, doctors were unable to remove the bullet.

Demonstration, which was attended by Carmona, ended clashes with a group of armed men, who, according to witnesses, opened fire on protesters. As a result of the shooting were injured eight people, including Carmona.

Note that the protests in Venezuela last week took a threatening nature and accompanied by clashes with security forces. As a result, four people were killed and about 60 injured. It is in the organization of these riots accused Lopez.Also, it is worth recalling that the protests began, not only because discontent with the authorities, but also because of the difficult economic situation in the country.