Vengeance 1400 and 2100 – conditionally new gaming headsets Corsair

Vengeance 1400 and 2100 – conditionally new gaming headsets Corsair


Company Corsair, once known solely as a manufacturer of computer components, has entered the market of gaming peripherals seem successful. The proof of this – the release of the second generation of gaming headsets Vengeance. So far, it includes two models, and today they will story.

Design and usability

Two new models of headsets Corsair are direct descendants of the previous two – Vengeance 1300 and Vengeance 2000 . The same grade, similar boxes.

We can see this design, which is only slightly different from previous models. In fact, the only noticeable change in the older wireless Vengeance 2100’s colors: where previously shone almost mirror “metal”, has now taken a more modest plastic, graphite black and texturing.

Looks are not as challenging, but more harmoniously. The only shining element – logo Corsair.

Otherwise any changes we have not noticed. Removable ear pads are made of velor. Cups are rotated 90 degrees away from you. Soft lining is pressed against the head.

Retention mechanism cups and indeed the entire structure preserved – we have a very comfortable wireless headphones with a huge stock of volume, which is no problem to use for hours on end.

Vengeance 1400 headset is almost identical to the model Vengeance 1300, but it is already installed in velor ear pads, and not leatherette.

Calyx both new models is very spacious and not cause inconvenience, at Vengeance 1400 are a few millimeters larger. You can deploy them to yourself or turn about 45 degrees outside. Both headsets sit securely on the head, with sharp bends do not fall down.

Unlike design headphone headset controller hardware design has undergone significant external changes. His reduced, reversed volume slider and rear hitched tight clothespin.

Runtimes wireless headset Vengeance 2100 was about 10 hours, as is stated in the specifications.

Software and sound

The older model Vengeance 2100 connects to a PC via USB-dongle and converts the digital signal into an analog alone. According to information from the Web, this headset is in DAC C-Media CM6302 .

The program for the sound settings were just rearranged blocks, and even link to a question mark still points to the already non-existent page on Vengeance 2000. List of settings quite small: equalizer, volume and switch between stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 virtual sound (which uses a technology called Dolby Pro Logic IIx).

Compared with the previous generation of both sound headsets remained virtually unchanged, as judged by the identical specifications. Vengeance in 1400, of course, inferior Vengeance 2100, but observations in the address does not deserve.

Corsair Vengeance 2100, like its predecessor, offers clean and very loud, and the headset can still be easy to listen to, even placing it on the neck.


After comparing the earlier and new models of headsets Corsair impression that the producer did not know how to improve your product. Set velor ear pads instead of leatherette. Used in the design of a new color. Rebuilt the mechanical controller and software, leaving a sum of terms as is. In general, the Corsair headset still look attractive, but this pace of progress, we can not endorse.

Ceteris paribus hope is the price. The official price of Vengeance 2100 model, which in Russia is practically not for sale, is $ 149.99. And most likely after the massive sales it exceeds 5255 rubles – Vengeance 2000 average price at the time of writing. So, if a series of gaming headsets Corsair Vengeance you are not particularly attracted to earlier trends impose on high expectations, probably not worth it.

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