16.03.2014 6:13

Vera Farmiga and Kerry Erin reveal secrets “Bates Motel”

Erin Carrey, executive producer and writer of the series “Bates Motel» (Bates Motel), and Vera Farmiga, who plays Standards Bates told thriller about returning to the screens, the storylines of the second season and plans for the future.

Possible spoilers!

Faith, you were willing for a second season?

Vera Farmiga: In my career has never been the series, get an extension for a second season. To “Bates Motel” I was shot in the main cast of three TV projects, but none of them stayed in the air and thirteen episodes. I am glad that Bates Motel has been extended. On modern television has become very interesting to work because the actors are given a chance to reveal the nature of his characters.Unlike full-length films from the series lies in the fact that colleagues who starred together for several years, can get to know each other much better. Between the actors and creators of the show quickly build trust. I asked them to tell me in advance what will happen to the norm in the second season of our show … Fans will find many surprises!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 12, 2013 -- Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga star in the new A & E series, "Bates Motel," a prequel to the movie, "Psycho," illustrating the relationship that movie character Norman Bates has with his mother.  Highmore and Farmiga were photographed at the Four Seasons  on March 12, 2013. (Photo by Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

Kerry, if you sympathize with Norma?

Kerry Erin: I think Norm is trying to be a perfect mother for her child. Women always try to give children the best. In my opinion, that’s fine. After all that she had to endure, she scrambles to protect Norman. I believe that many viewers it is sympathy.

Faith, see if Norma’s love interest?

Vera Farmiga: People who are victims of abuse in childhood, often experiencing problems with confidence. For my character Norman is the only bright spot in his life. All its energy it directs the education of their child, but this situation will change as the story progresses. Norma believes that a successful hotel business will be for her the happiness she could not for many years to achieve. In order to implement all of his ideas, it will have to meet new people. However, the events of the first season was joined by her a disservice. Norma appeared notoriety, but because it is necessary to try to change this situation. My character will actively participate in the life of the city, leading to the appearance in her life new people.


Erin Carrey: Norma tends to a normal life, and often it involves searching the second half. She believes in her heart there is a place for love. We Carlton Cusehave prepared a surprise viewers – a couple of interesting characters that will be part of our history in the second season.

Faith, as you prepare for a scene in which Norma clearly shows his emotions?

Vera Farmiga: We Freddie Highmore worked perfectly. I can fully trust him, but because our scenes together – it’s not a mechanical reading of the lines from the script, and lively appreciation of each phrase. We work at a fast pace, sometimes taking off ten scenes a day. Need to be prepared for each of them, and it is not easy, because I have small children. Well, that I can trust my colleagues … Assist and those additional studies that I spend. On the Internet you can find lots of information about how to educate troubled children. These articles will be valuable to me in my work.

Erin Carrey: It is a pleasure to observe the work of the Faith. I never in my life seen anything like it. Somewhere suddenly appears on the set norm. After each scene I come to the Faith with the question: “What were you thinking at this moment?”. It changes the images as if switch channels on the TV.

Vera, a couple of years ago, you made ​​his first film. Do not want to put one of the episodes?

Vera Farmiga: I have a contract has an option, but so far I’m not ready to sit in the director’s chair. Kerry and Carlton achieved incredible balance between drama, psychological thriller, detective and comedy. This series makes high demands on the actors, but because I want to focus entirely on the performance of their roles.The fact that the direction of the episode always takes a lot of time. At the moment I’m in this work is not ready, but the following season, things can change.


Does this mean that you are already planning the plot of the third season?

Kerry Erin Ahead viewers will still many intriguing stories. Norma and Norman – great characters, followed by a very interesting to watch. We will be happy to return to the screens with the third season of “Bates Motel.”