Vernee Apollo Lite review: powerful gaming smartphone

Vernee Apollo Lite review: powerful gaming smartphone

Vernee Apollo Lite review: powerful gaming smartphone

From under the light hand of the Chinese producer in 2016 it was released a very interesting smartphone Vernee Apollo Lite. It so happens that the Lite-version was released earlier than the flagship. However, even a simplified model is of great interest because of its stuffing, and a very affordable price. Solid RAM, powerful performance, the screen from Sharp – are just some of its advantages.

At the moment the device is not officially represented anywhere except China. From Chinese online stores and can be ordered at a price of 230 USD. You can also purchase the device through resellers in the country by paying the sum of the purchase of at least $ 15. Usually, the combination of affordable prices and maximize opportunities in the smartphone can be candid and shortcomings. This review will address the main aspects related to appearance, filling the smartphone, as well as to define its strengths and weaknesses.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Design, buttons, connectors and sensors

The device is a classic modern design: simple, but tasteful. Most elements of the housing is made of metal, plastic, here only two strips on the rear panel, which are needed for the best reception. Navigation buttons rendered on the screen. Frames on the sides of the screen are small.

On top of the front panel are placed properly working lighting and proximity sensors. There is also a LED missed events.

One is placed SIM card microSIM format to another or nanosim, a MicroSD flash card, to choose from.

Vernee Apollo Lite review: powerful gaming smartphone

The bottom end is occupied hole dynamics (he is one), and a full connector USB Type-C. The latter supports OTG.

Audio 3.5 mm is located on the upper side. On the back side you will notice a slightly protruding rim of the chamber, and under it a fingerprint scanner. Scans relatively quickly, the detection accuracy initially limp, then it is fixed a Patch. Housing dimensions: 152 x 76.2 x 8.9 mm. Weight: 176 g

Vernee Apollo Lite: CPU

The smartphone is very powerful. In such case they say “everything just flies.” And it’s not just a trivial task. Any, even the most demanding modern games easily run at maximum graphics settings. In Antutu device dials in the area of 95 thousand. Points. To ensure this performance as the processor uses 10-core Mediatek Helio X20 (MT6797). Responsible for the graphics chip ARM Mali-T880.

Helio X20, despite its strength, optimized for moderate power consumption. Depending on the tasks, the work of connecting the core at different frequencies. Total, the processor has 4 Cortex-A53 core at 1.85 GHz and 4 at 1.4GHz. Finally, two high Cortex-A72 core at a frequency of 2.3 GHz. The cost of this power was a significant heating of the case under load. However, new versions of software optimization carried out: Now the body is heated to a warm state, nothing more.

Vernee Apollo Lite review: powerful gaming smartphone

Vernee Apollo Lite: Memory

To unleash the full potential of the processor, the manufacturer has determined a serious amount of RAM. On your smartphone, you can run dozens of applications, resource-intensive games, and surf the Internet simultaneously, switching between the game and applications. 4 GB of RAM, and users do not have to worry about any brake device.

Vernee Apollo Lite review: powerful gaming smartphone

Memory storage is also missing: 32 GB of which 25 GB is available nearby. Expand the space with the help of MicroSD possible, but unfortunately, an external drive is installed in place of the second SIM. The maximum supported capacity flash drive – 128 GB.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Autonomy

The capacity of the non-removable battery is 3180 mAh. In the daily work of the machine showed quite a decent battery life: 1.5-2 day at a moderately active operation. Either 1 light day of active use. But demanding games are thrown battery in just 3.5-4 hours: high loads involve all CPU power, and no optimization does not save.

Vernee Apollo Lite review: powerful gaming smartphone

With the support of MediaTek Pump Express 3.0 battery will last for 1 hour of talk time: it will take only 5 minutes of charging. For 30 minutes the battery is charged to 50%, and in an hour – at 100%.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Camera

The smartphone is equipped with a 16-megapixel camera made by Samsung (S5K3P3). The module has a CMOS ISOCELL sensor, phase focusing. Aperture value – F / 2.2, and the pixel size of 1 mm. As for the result – from such a sufficiently serious photo module was expecting more. During the day in good light all is remarkable: it is possible to obtain high-quality images with high detail, rich color reproduction.

Vernee Apollo Lite: daylight photo
Vernee Apollo Lite: daylight photo

If desired, easy to achieve bokeh effect. Excellent panorama obtained (even the “seams” not visible), is very pleased with the macro. Focus is fast and accurate.

When shooting indoors with a lack of lighting frames the quality drops significantly.

Vernee Apollo Lite: photo at night
Vernee Apollo Lite: photo at night

On the night shooting stock camera app can not handle better than a hundred-dollar state employees. Such is the contrast, compared with staff in an ideal light. As a result, we have the cool photo module, but without proper optimization software.

Vernee Apollo Lite: front camera photo
Vernee Apollo Lite: front camera photo

Also, the device is capable of recording 4K video (30 FPS). Quality is acceptable, but not outstanding. White balance is often wrong, and under difficult lighting conditions FPS drops to 15, the picture is full of noise. In the new firmware the manufacturer removed the ability to shoot 4K: Now only FullHD, but the videos obtained excellent. Frontalka represents Samsung S5K5E2 module 5 MP. If fotkatsya in daylight obtained quite acceptable quality pictures.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Display

Vernee Apollo Lite got a good S-IPS screen with a diagonal of 5.5″ and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (FullHD). Made by Sharp IGZO technology. The image is very clear, the pixel density – 400 ppi. Glass increased wear resistance Gorilla Glass rounded at the edges (2.5D technology). On the glass coated oleophobic layer quality. The viewing angles are excellent, and the whole screen is a positive experience.

Experts show to screen claims about the prevalence of blue, as well as a relatively low color saturation and contrast of the image. However, the majority of ordinary users are satisfied with the image at 100%, the more there MiraVision tool. Not the highest level of brightness is compensated for the absence of the air gap and the presence of anti-reflective coating. As a result, the contents of the screen is visible even in sunny weather.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Networking opportunities

The device conventionally dvuhsimochny (remember the combined slot). But, except for 2G and 3G device is able to work in networks 4G CAT 6. There is a “Turbo” mode accelerates file downloads thanks to the simultaneous use of WiFi networks and 3G / 4G. WiFi operates in two standards (2.4GHz / 5GHz). For navigation responsible GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou, A-GPS is also present.

Use Apollo Lite for navigation – a real pleasure: the cold start is 4 seconds. By all possible satellites, the device connected for about 15 seconds, and is not connected to the Internet. Accuracy geopositioning at a high level.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Sound

Sound volume is decent, but no bass: dominated by the upper and middle frequencies. But this is not a problem, since most people listening to music on headphones it. And the sound quality when using a good headset is very worthy. The microphone for noise cancellation is not available, but when speaking excellent audibility for both interlocutors.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Software part

Used operating system – Android 6.0. clean system, without third-party software, interface modifications and other debris. Moreover, users can even count on the support from the manufacturer. It is a wireless upgrades, new versions of firmware fixes as received on Apollo Lite devices several times.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Individual characteristics

Optional on-screen buttons can be hidden by clicking the full screen mode, or to redistribute their location to your liking. Such a possibility is found in devices from LG.

USB-C connector is not very common, especially among the budget segment. But it is a two-way, and the transfer rate when connected to a PC is much higher than with conventional MicroUSB.

Vernee Apollo Lite: Advantages and disadvantages


  • good build, nice metal case;
  • a high level of performance;
  • a generous amount of RAM;
  • support fast charging;
  • good screen from Sharp;
  • GPS indicative work;
  • adequate price.


  • or 2 SIM, or flash drive 1 SIM;
  • Camera – the weakest point of this smartphone.

To fit the smartphone

Vernee Apollo Lite potential owners attracted by the opportunity to get the most out of your smartphone, which is cheaper than 250 USD. Among these features – the presence of USB Type-C and fingerprint. Device like connoisseurs of powerful hardware, which adequately cope with the games, and will be true for at least 2 years.

The device should not be considered only if there is a need in the flagship quality pictures in any lighting condition.

Our review of Vernee Apollo Lite

Productivity – the main advantage of this device. Besides, Vernee Apollo Lite is one of the cheapest smartphones with 10 nuclear Helio X20 on board. The advantages of the gadget more than the disadvantages. But it is also the ideal can not be called because of the soft-jambs of the camera. Qualitative day pictures – this is not an indicator, because the user photographs not only on the street in clear weather.

The problem with poor night staff and the lack of 4K can be solved by installing third-party applications for the shooting. But not everyone likes such an option. In general, the device causes the positive impression. Especially I liked that Vernee working to fix software bugs, and sends Apollo Lite owners to upgrade the firmware.