Vertical cafe appears in a luxury hotel in Dubai The Opus

Vertical cafe appears in a luxury hotel in Dubai The Opus


Today, far from the tower “Burj Khalifa” in one of the developed areas of the city of Dubai is under construction The Opus Dubai – luxury hotel, which is designed by Zaha Hadid. On one of the foreign architectural portals was reported that the hotel had decided to arrange a unique vertical cafe.

According to the plans the construction and finishing of the hotel fully plan to finish in 2016. New facility will be common to a particular style and original interiors, as a lover of interior space Zaha Hadid has developed not just a building project, it is also engaged in self-study of the interior of the interior spaces and even found time for the selection of furniture in the hotel.

The Opus Dubai will be a whole complex of towers, the height of each of which will be 110 meters. Towers are connected into a single structure, which will resemble a cube down, in whose heart made hole. The hotel has 28 floors, which will house 100 rooms. Other facilities planned to arrange a 4 penthouses, fitness centers, spas, conference halls, restaurants.

In 2004 Hadid became the first woman who was able to get the Pritzker Prize – a prestigious award in the field of architecture. And recently at the famous British architect, has created an incredible architectural projects, put a petition on the Internet. This petition was created by Japanese architects Fushimihiko Poppies and Toyo Ito, the last winner of the Pritzker Prize, which defended the landscapes of Meiji oversized structures Zaha Hadid.

Virtual petition was signed by 13 thousand users. In this petition voiced call Japanese Sports Council to abandon construction of a sports stadium in Tokyo, designed for 80,000 people, which they have been approved in November 2012.

In the autumn of 2013 has already been made that the sports complex is too big and can not fit into the surrounding landscape, but this statement was not made to abandon the construction. After it was decided to reduce the budget just a few.

According to preliminary data sports complex designed by Zaha Hadid to be completed in 2018, that already in 2019 it held in World Cup rugby. Later, this complex may be the venue of matches FIFA Football and the Olympics in 2020.