Vinyl pasting devices

Vinyl pasting devices

Vinyl pasting devices: Differences from vinyl picture-vinyl

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets accompany us everywhere and at any time of the day, which certainly affects their appearance. Minor abrasions, deep scratches and even cracks from accidental drops and bumps – faced with this every one of us. But both want to save your presentation devices as long as possible. And here we are reminded about the cases, as the most common remedies. However, in all cases there are disadvantages – they increase the size of the vinyl pasting devices and do not allow to enjoy the use of the gadget is in the form in which it was conceived and embodied a manufacturer.

More recently there was a better way to protect deprived described deficiencies – is a high-quality vinyl. It reliably protects the device from all sides and will underline the individuality of the owner because of the unique design. Next, we look at the features and benefits of the new type of protection.

Vinyl pasting devices

Vinyl pasting devices: Differences from vinyl picture-vinyl It is a reliable and versatile protection for your gadget’s body, which is also able to transform its appearance, thanks to the variety of textures, graphics, and colors. The film is made to order according to customer requirements, with the help of special equipment. The customer can choose from a variety of design options for our catalog or use your own images, such as photographs or drawings.

Finished products that perfectly match the dimensions of your devices, and all slots coincide exactly with the holes on the chassis, for example, with the lattice dynamics of the camera lens, etc. The whole process is done manually by experts know-how, which does not allow errors and ensures excellent quality. After pasting gadget transformed, receive protection against external damage and will please its owner stylish appearance. Incidentally, a protective film may be made of two kinds of vinyl.

Differences from vinyl picture-vinyl

Vinyl is made on the plotter from a very high-quality films 3M, 5star, and SCORPIO premium. These brands are well known in the automotive business since engaged in the production Avtovinil. The vinyl film may have the different texture which imitates such as carbon materials, stone, leather, suede etc. The manufacturing process takes place in two stages. First, the plotter cuts the sticker and a picture on it. Further, the extra elements are extracted by hand, and then we get the finished product.

Vinyl pasting devices: Differences from vinyl picture-vinyl

Vinyl pasting devices is made from a special film, which is applied to the image using the printer. Above the graph is coated with a transparent “armor” and then cut on the plotter. Excellent print quality is assured through the use of an ink jet printer, thereby achieving the highest image detail.

Pasting devices

Almost any Soup can paste over, beginning with the smartphone and ending with video consoles. Model and manufacturer brand also play no role. KNOW-HOW experts will make a digital film layout, which will be 100% correspond to the dimensions and design features of your gadget.

Vinyl pasting devices: Differences from vinyl picture-vinyl

the pasting procedure takes no more than 15 minutes and the process of creating a unique design and image processing from 10 to 60 minutes. The result will surprise you not only high-quality work, but also durability. Vinyl has incredible durability because it is a film adhesive qualities cars and motorcycles!

Also, an enjoyable moment is that we use a film with a special self-adhesive base, which leaves no traces on the body devices after removal. Thus, you can remove the film without effort on their own to return the device to the original appearance or to replace an old vinyl stylish new “armor”.


Vinyl pasting devices are not only reliable way to protect your devices from damage but also the opportunity to give a unique look to your favorite gadgets. The undeniable advantage of vinyl “armor” is a slim profile, in contrast to the covers, which will inevitably increase the size of the device. Removing the film leaves no traces on the body. And vinyl has incredible durability. Add to that the low cost and now – in front of us the best option for the protection of all devices without any covers!