Vo Trong Nghia Company introduced the “home for the Vietnamese”

Vo Trong Nghia Company introduced the “home for the Vietnamese”

Vo Trong Nghia Company introduced the

Vietnamese designers from the studio Vo Trong Nghia developed a new version of House S House, which is the third quality upgrade. Innovative housing S House 3 is designed to solve the problems of those who do not have a roof over your head or lose it for any reason.

House S House 3 – it is one of the best representatives of the modular housing. Housing area of 36 square meters looks like a barracks for a few people. In fact, the whole house is designed for one family, but the wall or any partition is not there. If desired, you can install them yourself. It is important to understand that S House 3 is not adequate housing, and the time devoted to solve the housing problem as quickly as possible to those he does not have a roof over their head.

In this case, unlike their predecessors S House 3 can be converted into long-term housing, strengthening its walls more reliable construction materials, adding to the room wall and putting the floor.

By itself, the S House 3 – a collection of small modules, which are formed as a designer. To work with items not require any highly specialized tool. Each item weighs more than 60 kg, which not only facilitates the work, but also allows to transport S House 3 by means of small boats on the water – the latter is very important for countries like Vietnam.

House S House 3 is made of carbon fiber, wood and iron. Each item can be independently modified to bring communication. The house has a passive ventilation, which is represented by the technical connector between the top edge of the walls and roof. The cost of such a house will be 3 thousand dollars. For a single family – it’s not a small amount, but with the support of the authorities, confident Vo Trong Nghia, could build entire cities.

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