28.03.2014 1:46

Volvo Cars will become more luxurious

Volvo has announced a number of measures that are designed to make the brand image even more respectable. Upcoming news and production cars of the Swedish company will receive several new optional packages, new engines and innovative multimedia system.

Models of Volvo 2015 model year will be equipped with an optional package called Inscription. It will include better and more expensive than usual, finishing materials, in particular, natural leather and wood with a large choice of shades. The first models, which can be provide package Inscription, will be updated and the XC60 crossover sedan S80.

In addition, according to some reports, this year Volvo lineup receives a new multimedia system with Sensus Connect service Volvo On-call, and argues that the system is already available in the basic version.

As for the new powertrains, the main novelty in this field should be the engine family Drive-E paired with eight-speed automatic transaxle. Today new motors are installed only on cars with front-wheel drive, but with the release of a new generation XC90 will and the ability to provide their four-wheel drive Volvo. Expected and the emergence of new motor with dual boost, ie turbine and mechanical supercharger.

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