How to wake up in the morning without coffee

How to wake up in the morning without coffee

How to wake up in the morning without coffee

Memorize 8 useful tips.

Coffee – a great drink and indispensable thing in the morning, especially on Mondays. Many people do not represent their morning without a cup of coffee. But besides awakening effect in the frequent use of this drink is and side effects. Among them – the risk of diabetes, depression, and yellowing of the teeth. Can we at least sometimes replace coffee in the morning? Here are some options.


Try to lie down and stretch your body a little. No sudden movements. For example, you can lie on your back and raise your upper body on his elbows. Head back on my own socks. And can be completely the opposite: lying on his back, head and socks on each other. During the exercises you should not turn a blind eye to not fall asleep.


Apples are many vitamins, energizing. This energy is enough for morning awakening. It will be enough for a morning wake-up and a good mood for the first few hours. For example, the protagonist of the series “House of Cards” every morning, ate a few pieces of apple before going to work. As a result, he became president of the country. Perhaps it has nothing to do with apples, but he worked for three.


This is probably the most difficult and unpleasant, that you can make yourself do the early morning. But a couple of weeks of continuous training, jogging will no longer seem such hard work. Good adrenaline rush will help to better cope with the desire to sleep in the morning. If there is no desire to run, you can just do some exercises at home.

Sun and fresh air

Man easier to wake up when it’s already light. A good habit and will be airing the room in the evening and morning. A breath of fresh air will help the body to wake up. If you have time, you can even go for a short walk.

cold shower

This method is almost as cruel as jogging. But it helps to get up in the morning. Come to this procedure without fanaticism and first take a shower warm, gradually moving to a cooler. You can even do a little contrast.

But certainly need to wash with cold water.

Glass of cold water

How to wake up in the morning without coffee

This is not only an effective way to wake up in the morning, but strongly recommended by many nutritionists.


If you are a music lover, start the day with good music. Dance, sing along, have fun. Morning – is just the beginning of the day. And the more fun you start it, the more likely to spend it on the same wave.


But if the love of coffee still can not pass, and the desire to sit with a cup of hot drink on the terrace you will not leave, try to occasionally replace coffee with tea.