“The Walking Dead” can last indefinitely

“The Walking Dead” can last indefinitely


Possible spoilers! 

Scott Gimple, shouranner zombie drama The Walking Dead, said that this popular series could turn into a real soap opera tells Zap2it.“All TV shows sooner or later come to an end – he said – but I think our can last and last. And if it will go ten years or more, the cast – given the inherent plot mortality – can fully update. “ 

Recall the recent Robert Kirkman, the show’s producer and the author of the original comic book series, said that the script of the fifth season will be ready to fly.Gimple confirmed this information and added that favorite characters return in the same time and in the same place where we said goodbye to them, “Of course, I can not reveal all the secrets, but to ignore such a powerful kliffhenger not show what happened next, it would be very difficult.” 


In addition, Scott announced a new love story – an indispensable attribute of any good drama without discounts on the number of zombies in the frame.Unfortunately all fans Daryl, according to some sources, it is about relationships and Bob Sacha. 

As for the overall storyline, the comic book readers about “The Walking” will surely be interested to know that the fifth season will become a “remix” of what was written and drawn in the original. 


But that’s not all. Many fans of the show are still concerned about the return of Morgan (Lennie James) – a survivor of the first season, which last appeared in the third (and looked, frankly, not the best way). “I decided that, in one form or another must return Morgan – Gimple said confidently. – So the question will be whether it again, I can answer a firm “Yes”. “

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