The Walking Dead – season of the second, the second episode, the...

The Walking Dead – season of the second, the second episode, the antagonist

The second season of The Walking Dead did not start in the best way. first episode allowed to experience the hardships of life in the conditions of the zombie apocalypse as a little girl, but was stretched. But the second episode of A House Divided is a brilliant response to the criticism from the fans and the decoration of the entire series.
Clementine somehow managed to establish relationships with the people with whom she met in the first episode. They already trust the girl and even let her take care of other children, while the adults are absent.
The atmosphere in the small group, even in the face of the threat of terrible zombie thinks complacent. Heroes face acts of cruelty and losing loved ones. Individual characters want to show off, but rashly commit unforgivable mistakes and only exacerbate all, comrades and not in a hurry to be treated with understanding delinquent. Someone struggling to hide unflattering secrets from loved ones, because the truth can break them.
In the future, for all Clementines only compounded when she encounters an old friend. Fate had broken much of this man, deep wounds are still being felt. He tries to adjust to a new life with sincere joy meets girl, but she has to be torn between the new and old friends. Members of both groups relate to each other with undisguised suspicion, and Clementine becomes a bridge between them.
So there is even a choice of who to sit down for dinner, becomes important. After Clementine not avoid uncomfortable questions about her comrades (past or present), and to remain neutral or to please everyone is almost impossible. Besides, the girl asked about the dim past her living friend, and talk about this it is very difficult.
Groups can not avoid the hassles, they appear weighty reasons for the bloodshed. Of course, Clementine is directly involved in a bitter dispute with an unpredictable outcome.
However, the main decoration A House Divided debut output becomes ruthless antagonist. This character never retreats, always goes to the end and ready to fight for what he holds dear. He had no hesitation in attempting and deals with other people, if circumstances so require. He is ready to instruct the gun at the child to put pressure on opponents. He did not not a psychopath, and calculating leader who is not accustomed to reckon with other people’s opinion.
The authors continue to improve in skill discharge atmosphere. Some scenes are deliberately stretched heroes in no hurry to talk about themselves and force Clementine nervous. In another moment happening like meeting strangers in the spirit of the Wild West, where it is impossible to guess who shot first. Sometimes circumstances make heroes go to desperate measures and endanger their own and others’ lives. It is replaced by the destruction of zombie, philosophical conversations about family and the meaning of life.
According sad tradition, weakness The Walking Dead is all that relates directly to the game. The authors re-done without mysteries, the heroine only goes back and forth in a limited space, performs obvious steps, talking with others and sees the neighborhood through binoculars.


For two hours episode Clementine often caught between two fires, trying to smooth things over in the relationship between the characters angry or favors one of the warring parties. Heroine becomes known unpleasant information is to be treated very carefully. But even a brave girl powerless before cunning and prudence new antagonist. After such an emotional outburst continued want to see as soon as possible.
  • Collision between two groups of survivors, each in its own way Clementine
  • Expertly made tense moments with unexpected outcomes
  • Outstanding antagonist
  • Great start for the continued
  • Short duration, no mysteries