24.03.2014 9:26

‘The Walking Dead’: Welcome to Terminus!

Possible spoilers for the first half of the fourth season! 

Every journey must have a purpose. Even if it is a journey through the devastated post-apocalyptic America hordes of zombies, and his goal – a mysterious place called Terminus.


Until the end of the fourth season of “The Walking Dead» (The Walking Dead)there are a couple of episodes, and in anticipation of the long-awaited finale of the series creators flagship channel AMC released a new poster. Looking at it, you can see only one thing: at least three of the main characters will survive. Apparently, they were even lucky enough to see this is the Terminus, but for better or worse – it has become home to people Rica, Carla and Michon, alas, did not make it out.


Recall, after the governor attacked the inhabitants of the prison, the main cast of the drama was divided into small groups. Each of these groups, from time to time engaging in bloody fights with the walking, somehow moving towards Terminus, guided by the signs left by someone.

TWD final will be aired at the end of March, and the extension of the fifth season of the zombie drama received in October last year.