Wall Street swallow our U.S. real estate market for themselves

Wall Street swallow our U.S. real estate market for themselves


Investment company Blackstone Group has reduced the purchase of real estate , which she made with the purpose of renting . Company after their scale of operations on the real estate market in the U.S. has become the largest owner of the so-called single-family homes.

Blackstone is not just reduced its activity, she literally stopped. The pace with which the company bought the property last year fell by 70%. The company spent $ 100 million a week – an enormous amount of money.

Looks even more impressive total cost of purchased items for the period from 2012 this amount is $ 8 billion , ie 43 thousand homes in 14 cities , mainly in Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

Who could have imagined that the biggest owner of residential property will be “boys” on Wall Street.

What is the cause of reduced activity ? The answer to this question is very logical – property prices have soared very high, so further purchases of the company apparently considers unreasonable .

Of course , Blackstone was not the only investment company , which has conducted similar transactions . It was a full-scale investment idea , which was used very, very many .

But the main wave of buying by institutional investors had already left . In the last couple of years of wealth management , hedge funds , investment trusts and other investors bought more than 200 thousand homes in excess of $ 20 billion This happened after the price fell by about 35-40% compared to their peak values ​​in 2006

Some Offices Consumer Protection then even accused investors in excessive growth in property prices in some cities.

But such accusations – not uncommon , they rarely affect investors’ decisions . Especially in this situation, earnings and very very decent . Apart from exchange rate differences , which sometimes reached 35% , investors get more and rents .

price increase

It should be noted that the major players in the market managed to disperse enough deadlines . But as prices have risen to a certain level, further purchases sharply went on the decline , that is, learning from the past , investors still removed .

Incidentally, the rise in prices has helped reduce cases where the debtor waives his mortgage because of falling housing prices it , and the balance goes to the lender. As prices rose, people were able to calm sell property at a reasonable price for them .

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