How useful walnuts benefits, and what is harmful

How useful walnuts benefits, and what is harmful

How useful walnuts benefits, and what is harmful

Do you love nuts for their delicious taste and crunchy quality. And do you know what is useful walnuts benefits, and what it can be harmful? If not, then quickly read the article.

How useful walnuts benefits – I think you’re enjoying the crispy delicacy again. So we’ll just for you.

And what’s inside walnuts benefits?

Walnuts benefits – a durable plant that can live up to six centuries. It bears fruit with the tenth year, and the largest crop harvested from the tree age of 120-170 years. The fruit is highly valued because of its rich composition. Nut contains vitamins such as A, B1, B2, E, and F, vegetable proteins and fatty acids.

Doctors recommend daily use of 4-5 nuts. This portion of the product will protect you from the harmful effects of radiation, save from beriberi and anemia replenish iron, cobalt, magnesium and potassium in the body. Nut useful in diseases of digestive system, liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis. In addition, he is a good prevention last illness. If you eat walnuts with honey, goat’s milk and various dried fruits, it increases libido and improves men’s health.

Shells, leaves, partitions …

Besides nuts kernels have been applied in folk medicine and shells, and partitions, and unripe fruits, and even leaves. Water infusion partitions lowers blood sugar levels, so indispensable for people affected by diabetes.

Nut milks are used in cosmetics because it makes the skin supple and literally sparkling. For this zaley ten crushed walnut kernels glass of water and leave overnight.

Walnut oil helps to preserve the beauty and youthfulness, freshness and elasticity of the skin, improves the immune system, resulting in the order of metabolism. And perfectly heals wounds, burns and ulcers healed.

Careful not to harm

How useful walnuts benefits, you already know. Now let’s talk about the possible dangers of this product. First of all, you can not abuse it. Especially if you are sick with chronic colitis, enterocolitis, intestinal diseases, increased blood clotting. Often, nuts (walnuts, not only, but also other kinds) to cause allergic reactions, rash, hives. It is not recommended to use them for skin ailments (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema) or overweight.