War of the Vikings – meet in Valhalla

War of the Vikings – meet in Valhalla


Almost immediately after the successful launch multiplayer slashers War of the Roses studio Fatshark and Paradox have announced that they will develop a series of War of the … And then there’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare showed phenomenal sales, confirming that the medieval setting now in favor. Plus in March 2013 began to broadcast a Canadian-Irish series “Vikings” – a new game themes Fatshark was predetermined. Please love and favor – War of the Vikings.

Basic gameplay War of the Vikings naturally borrowed from the War of the Roses, although without affecting Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has not done. Last is a simplification of the warhead. Backswing and components remain the same, controlled by mouse movement – left, right, top. Plus for each type of weapon appeared Spetsprom caused by a single click. In heavy weapons – the repulsion of the enemy, the sword – lunging, one-handed ax – roundhouse kick. It seems that Fatshark realized that with a little namudrili War of the Roses, and generally simplify the game, making gameplay more dynamic and thus bringing it closer to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.


Cleaned and finishing moves. Although it looked a little scary, but it was the original card War of the Roses. No, all wounded as we can achieve, but the corresponding animation is not scrolled. Seem to have made it at the request of the players, because before you at this moment was too vulnerable to attack. But now the best shot possible to bring down the enemy running down, and as he rises in time to finish the next boom.

As the Vikings and Saxons have, as it happens in Britain, parity classes and weapons. Largely differ only model, armor types and beards that have to be earned (!), And as you thought. Base classes are now three, not four – archer, warrior, heavy warrior. All right, no crossbows Vikings were not. Again, the cavalry was the northerners not honored, so that we are fighting on foot. This, of course, deprives us of the beautiful horse fights and joy of contraction heavy knight from his horse, but what to do.

Disappeared and detailed customization of weapons. Now you do not have to puzzle over the type of sharpening, views and hardening of the blade guard – you can only select one of the existing weapons. However, the choice here is decent. With some bias towards axes, which again is a tribute to the historical authenticity, but there are single and three quarter swords, javelins, knives, spears, etc. But we can not choose the armor, it is given a class, except that the change helmet. But the editor boards did not go anywhere and rather big selection of patterns here. Plus, after level 30 you can take a raincoat.

As in the War of the Roses is good ammunition worth unreal money. To address this issue, commercially available version of the game with bonus money in the account, plus during the game you fall coupons with additional tools that can be gifted to friends. Use the money for yourself will not work.


The game now has a dozen maps and four game modes. Command fight wall to wall – the chaotic and dynamic ones. Arena – the fastest, the levels here are so tiny that 32 people are put to work. Event – serial capture points, makes use command tactics, coordinate, find workarounds, perhaps, is the most interesting mode. Decisive battle – broken into rounds until the last survivor of the battle, without the revival of players, just a very interesting mode. In general fighting in War of the Vikings turned fierce competition, the fight does not stop for a minute and being very aggressive. Although I would like to see and some new modes.

Pluses War of the Vikings – a fairly low barrier to entry, good graphics, good soundtrack, dynamic battles, perfectly captures the spirit of the Viking Age. If the War of the Roses and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare had you bored and craving shred enemy sword left – note the War of the Vikings.


PS Looking forward to the continuation of the series – War of Rome or the War of Pirates. And then it will be possible to combine all projects into one, in the manner of Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II . Incidentally, this is a fun mod for Half-Life 2, try it.

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