How to wear a hat

How to wear a hat


Recently, from the old-fashioned hat accessory again become a trend. Which only hats and caps not in stores! Of course, they can decorate any way, as well as completely spoil it. If you want to get a hat, you should remember a few basic rules that will wear headgear really stylish. Of course, should start with choosing the right hat. It’s not so easy, because it should fit to your face shape and style at the same time. But with the purchase of the difficulties do not end there, because wearing a hat, too, must be able to. So let’s learn how to do it correctly.


The basic rule concerning any hats – headpiece should be suitable to your face shape. Crown should not be less than the distance between the cheekbones. If this requirement is met, check that looks like a hat over your shoulders and shape as a whole. If the field hats beyond the shoulder line or end with it, it can disrupt the overall proportions of the figure. Petite women in general should avoid wide-brimmed hat , but can not afford high some experiments.

Petite women in general should avoid wide-brimmed hat.


Partly fashionable hat, which is an element of the image may remain on the head in any situation. But baseball cap worth stay at the entrance to a public place or a restaurant. And, of course, you just have to take my hat off if it obscures the movies or on any ceremony.


Knitted hats and headbands are suitable for almost any person. If you shop around to other models, have to choose the perfect option more closely. Oval face goes well with most styles, but holders of persons heart or diamond-shaped face should not get involved in wide-brimmed hats, as they are even more accentuated the sharpness of the chin.

Round face requires high hats, but small and round hats would be inappropriate. In addition, you should choose a model with a wide brim.

Girls with square or angular face should wear soft hats, and shifting them on the forehead. Round line will smooth the sharpness of facial features. A long face is perfectly combined with soft wide-brimmed hat.


If your hat is not ideal and you want to add something to it, attach the accessory only to the right side of the hat. This may sound old-fashioned, but experts still recommend fashion men wear jewelry on the left side, and women – on the right.

If your wardrobe is dominated by one color, headdress accessory will become a part of the costume.


Do not seek to pick up the hat of the same color as the clothes. If your wardrobe is dominated by one color, headdress accessory will become a part of the costume. This applies to all colors, even black. Therefore, if you are not going to the funeral, do not wear a black hat with black clothes.


Straight bangs will look good only if the hat will stay on your head a few seconds. In other cases zacheshite it on its side, then hair will not look bad when you take off the hat.


Choosing a hat for formal events, refer to important rule: field width should correspond to the time of day. If the cap is designed for evening or morning, the fields must be small, and wide-brimmed hats are suitable for activities in the middle of the day.

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